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Here's your Pontarlier wormwood
(Updated: December 05, 2011)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
I'm always open to an absinthe diverging from tradition if the concept is clear, and if it produces interesting and successful results. This is how I view this absinthe.

It is clearly a tribute to Pontarlier wormwood. As water is added, the wormwood literally jumps out of the glass and announces "I'm here." The louche is a tad on the thin side, but this is to be expected as anise plays a minor role here. As this is the concept, I have no problem with this point. I'd rather have it honest, than to see the maker put a star anise in just to thicken it up. It is a wonderful way to glean a clear understanding of this wormwood, and wormwood in general. Folks new to absinthe struggling to separate one element from another, will never wonder again about detecting wormwood in their absinthe. Aside from being quite good, it is a great educational tool for this reason.

The aroma and flavor are quite wonderful; clean, crisp, and vibrant. There is a slight astringency in the mouth, and the finish lingers forever, with a building citrus of epic proportions. For people who like strong spirits, it has heft, punch and power, yet there are surprisingly delicate elements as well. I tried it both with, and without sugar, and adding a touch of sugar brought out the florals without harming the intentions of this absinthe in any way.

It is a bold blanche, that makes a powerful statement, and a tasty one...if you enjoy wormwood, that is.
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