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Virgin Verte - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Virgin Verte

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Wormwood Society Editor Comments
It's nice to see a notorious 'Czechsinthe' producer entering the historically accurate Belle Epoque style market. Things are looking up.

From the retailer: This Absinthe Bairnsfather Virgin Verte is produced in the Czech Republic from the virgin plants Kyle Bairnsfather planted years ago in the Altvater Mountains before they were reproduced. Virgin Verte is distilled from the following plants: Wormwood, hyssop, oregano, thyme, mint. After the distillation this Absinthe is still colored with color macerate green-brown.

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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Reviewed on 9/27/2022 - Bought from Absinthe-Dealer dot eu
Appearance - Appealing fuille morte (a brownish shade due to chlorophyll breaking down), not visible sediment
Louche - surprisingly strong. Not quite opalescent but attractive
Aroma - light and perfumy with sweet anise, peppery coriander, and minty wormwood abundant. It was nice, but I could've used a bit more punch.
Flavor - silky and buttery with nice mouthfeel. Well balanced. Nice flavors from the trinity, but slightly thin.
Finish - the trinity lingers, but there's a slight 'coppery' twang that I didn't care for at the very end.
Overall - lots of good things going on here. I'd like more mintiness from the wormwood and a bit more anise balance, but this works. I'm looking forward to seeing what future batches are like.
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