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2.7 7 0.5
Is it a Vanche or Blerte?
(Updated: August 20, 2012)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: Clear with a slight yellowish tint. If I didn’t already know it’s because of the intentionally unorthodox light coloring step, it’s possible I’d score it lower out of fear.

After Water: Slightly off-white, good opalescence

Good trails and timely louche action.

Before Water: Nice floral wormwood fragrance.

After Water: Looses the intensity of the pre-louche aroma, much fainter than before. Gets a 2.5 not for unpleasantness, but for barely being there.

Enjoyed the flavor more than I remember when I first tried it a while back; the floral notes in the aroma transfer nicely to the flavor, with the backing anise and fennel working well. Kinda like a blanche with half an attitude or maybe like a subdued verte.

As the other flavors trail off, acrid bitterness from the A.A. in the coloring step gradually takes over and leaves the acceptable range of enjoyable flavors for the duration.

This sample was given to me at least two years ago; another middling absinthe that aging seems to have worked well for. Though no matter how many people try to pull it off, using grande wormwood in the secondary maceration seems like a fool’s errand (some might call it a blunder). Unfortunate that it was discontinued but seeing how it tasted when first released, it’s not surprising folks didn’t stick around until the bitter end.
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