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Edouard Pernod was definitely the best!
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Appearance: yellow/dead leaf with greenish hues (it was perfectly stored I guess)

Aroma (before water): aged wine alcohol (exquisitely woody), and green anise.

Louche: excellent, neither too thick nor too light, one can clearly see that no star anise was used in the recipe.

Aroma (after water): woody again. Typically Edouard Pernod.

Flavor: The green anise - of superb quality - immediately delights the palate accompanied by the wine alcohol aged to perfection (the big strength of Edouard Pernod). Right after come notes of various herbs (grand and petite wormwood, hyssop, etc) with a fruity finish.

Mouth feel: Anise and wine alcohol delight the taste buds forever, absolute bliss…

Conclusion : Once again, I can only observe that Edouard Pernod was a step - if not two - above Pernod Fils, no doubt, this absinthe is exactly the same as its elder sister produced in France before the ban (I would not be surprised if in fact it was distilled in France and then bottled in Spain in 1912/1913). It crushes all competitors.
Such a perfectly mastered absinthe commands respect and proves that they were giving a very high importance to every step, from the base alcohol and the herbs to the distillation, coloration and ageing process.

Note: I don’t know the exact absinthe:water ratio I've used but it was no more than 1:2 to 1:2.5.
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September 04, 2014
Great review Marc!
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