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A different recipe from Pernod Fils; just as yummy
(Updated: September 03, 2014)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
This was the second absinthe tasted in a comparison done on 9-2-14. The other was a Pernod Fils c1910. This bottle was made by Edouard Pernod, which had a slightly spicier and thinner recipe. In the attached pics, the PF1910 is on the left, and the Pernod SA on the right.

Appearance - Clear and bright with light green hues along with the normal fuille morte brown. Lighter than the Pernod Fils; more like a tea than a whiskey. Very attractive.

Louche - Much lighter louche than its Pernod Fils counterpart. Hints of green and white swirled with the blonde fuille morte. Opalescent, but not thick. Fully louched around 3:1, which was also the final ratio.

Aroma - along with the anise and wormwood, there is a distinct floral note that isn't present in the PF1910. Really enjoyable. I could sit and sniff this all day.

Flavor/Mouthfeel - No sugar. Thinner texture on the palate which was refreshing, but still very full flavored. Spicy and herbaceous with the anise being toned down a bit compared to the PF1910. A bit more drying with a touch of citrus and white pepper.

Finish - Slight alcoholic heat on the finish at 3:1, but I was hesitant to add any more water. Nice drying finish, with less anise numbing than the PF1910. I had to take off half a point due to the heat, but I'm really picking nits here.

Overall - This was extremely enjoyable. If I had to make a judgement, I'd say that the PF1910 was more like a 'winter absinthe', while the Pernod SA Couvet is more of a refreshing summer absinthe. Really really good.
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