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Spanish Treat
(Updated: May 08, 2009)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: A pretty shade of lime yellow-green. I also think of it as “lime peridot”. A little more towards the straw/amber range than the photos I’ve seen online though.

After Water: Good glowy light lime peridot.

Good trails, but a little quick to form a cloud up to the clear top layer (more stratification and showy roiling would have been nice). The line does have good staying power and puts on a little show before it goes away.

Before Water: Grape and mint with earthy, herby undertones.

After Water: The grape and mint overtones stay at the forefront, then lead right into sweet herbal pontica and a subdued earthiness. Not totally room filling, but does have some range, and I find it quite pleasant.

A very tasty- if pronounced- grape in front, leading right into strong mint, with anise, vanilla, lemon citrus, pontica, and slight grassy notes developing mid palate. At one point when these meet, the product website’s description of “candied plum” notes is quite accurate. Though flavorful, this is definitely a lighter absinthe than most vertes, and I find myself downing a glass a bit quicker than I usually do.

The mouthfeel is on the thinner side of creamy, but it’s a nice, smooth satin. Brisk mint and wormwood in the finish move things along and keep the sweet flavors from the grape and anise away from cloying territory.

This absinthe definitely has its own personality. It took several days after opening for the mint and dry grassiness to stop dominating and let other flavors to come forth and find a balance (sugar helped a bit during this phase). I’m a sucker for a nice grape base, and I think they did very well there. I agree with folks that refer to this as a light desert or summer absinthe. Some may never like the idiosyncrasies even after breathing, but I’m quite fond of this Spanish treat.

Notes: Louched 3:1, fountain drip. Sugar was used in the first week after opening, afterwards I went with no sugar as usual.
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