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Not-so-boring La Bleue
(Updated: July 30, 2012)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: Nice and clear

After Water: Good opalescence- not too thick, not too thin.

Builds up at a nice and even pace, I like that it doesn’t louche as quickly as some blanches and ends in good form.

Before Water: Woodsy, pleasant wormwood aromatics that are neither showy or punchy, but solidly in the mid-floral range.

After Water: The pleasant wormwood is the first thing to notice, and again it’s not intense or jaw dropping, but it’s a very nice example of A.A. goodness. The sweetness of the anise and fennel are well dialed-in and compliment the floral overtones. A hint of the pre-louche woodsy-ness has been retained and is now a slight dank note that’s almost funk, but it’s more a neutral character trait than a negative element.

Nice and smooth, sweet but not too cloying; the good quality, well-balanced wormwood keeps it away from boring blanche territory.

Decent finish with all the flavors trailing off in good order.

Pretty nice representative Swiss blanche style, less boring than many. Another sample that took me around 8 months to review, at the time of opening this was definitely a bland-ish drink. Aging wins again.
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