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α-Thujone: γ-Aminobutyric acid type A receptor modulation - </strong><strong>Absinthe, Ethanol, and Ethanol Containing α-Thujone</strong><strong>

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Absinthe, Ethanol, and Ethanol Containing α-Thujone as Inhibitors of [3H]EBOB Binding.


The inhibitory effects on [3H]EBOB binding were compared for absinthe, ethanol, and ethanol containing α-thujone to help understand their independent and combined actions on the chloride channel. The IC50 for absinthe (based on ethanol content) is 263 ± 47 μM and for ethanol is significantly higher at 370 ± 4 μM (Fig. 5A). There is no significant interaction between the effects of ethanol and α-thujone (Fig. 5B), i.e., α-thujone (5 μM) inhibition is 20-30% independent of ethanol concentration up to 300 μM.



Fig. 4. Suppression
of GABA-induced peak currents by bath application of α-thujone. Currents were induced by 300 μM GABA (10 msec) pulses. The peak amplitude of current decreased with 30 μM α-thujone and recovered after washing with α-thujone-free solution. (A) Time course of 30 μM α-thujone-induced changes in peak current amplitude. (B) Representative current records. (C) Concentration-response relationship (mean α SD, n α 4 -5).




Fig. 5. Absinthe, ethanol, and ethanol containing α-thujone inhibit [3H]E-BOB binding to mouse brain membranes. (A) Comparison of an absinthe preparation (based on ethanol content) with ethanol (average of duplicate measurements or mean α SD, n α 6). (B) Comparison of ethanol with ethanol containing 5 μM α-thujone (average of duplicate measurements).



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