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Preparing Absinthe In Society

Properly preparing a glass of absinthe isn't as complicated as you may think.

Absinthe enthusiasts often refer to absinthe preparation as the "absinthe ritual", but it's not very different from making a cup of tea.



Absinthe Evaluation Tutorial

Do you know how to tell a great absinthe from a so-so absinthe?  What does one look for, or demand, in a glass of absinthe?  Just as with fine wine, fine absinthe has a whole language and system for evaluation and tasting.


Pernod Fils c1910 - Markus Lion find

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This bottle was obtained from a cellar in Germany and procured by our Review Editor via a reputable spirits vendor who had originally purchased it.

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What I have come to expect from vintage PF
(Updated: September 03, 2014)
Overall rating 
Flavor / Mouthfeel 
I tastes this along with a sample of Pernod SA Couvet from c1920 as a comparison.

Appearance - Clear and surprisingly bright for such an old absinthe. A very inviting shade of caramel Fuille Morte. Darker than other vintage PF bottles I've seen, but not in a bad way. Could easily be mistaken for a whiskey based on the color. You can see in the attached pic (on the left).

Louche - Very thick with substantial layering, even with a fountain drip. Fully louched by about 2:1. I watered up to a ratio of 3:1. A thick, opalescent caramel color.

Aroma - Room filling. Wonderful balance of sweet, confectionery anise and minty fresh wormwood with hints of leather and old books. Mouth watering.

Flavor/Mouthfeel - Luxuriant, thick mouthfeel. Lots of high quality anise with an assertive wormwood. Not bitter or biting, but minty and alpine fresh. Just a slight astringence. It's easy to tell why Pernod was the gold standard while drinking this. It's so perfectly balanced. No sugar needed.

Finish - Lingering finish with slight dryness and hints of leather. It leaves you wanting more and more.

Overall - This is exactly what I would expect to taste from a vintage Pernod Fils. Tremendous balance and silky mouthfeel that makes you want to pour another.
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