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Preparing Absinthe In Society

Properly preparing a glass of absinthe isn't as complicated as you may think.

Absinthe enthusiasts often refer to absinthe preparation as the "absinthe ritual", but it's not very different from making a cup of tea.



Absinthe Evaluation Tutorial

Do you know how to tell a great absinthe from a so-so absinthe?  What does one look for, or demand, in a glass of absinthe?  Just as with fine wine, fine absinthe has a whole language and system for evaluation and tasting.


Cusenier Oxygenee Absinthe Hygenique

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From the Finest and Rarest website: Cusenier Oxygenee was the single highest priced absinthe of the Belle Epoque, the
ONLY marque that consistently sold for more than Pernod Fils. Cusenier were the largest distillers in France, and this absinthe was their flagship product. Very few bottles have survived, even empty ones are very scarce, and a sealed bottle like this is a very great rarity - the first of its kind we have found in the last decade. The distinctively shaped Absinthe Cusenier bottle with its curved neck and red medallion on the shoulder is missing its original label (although faint traces of the lettering can be
discerned on the remnants remaining). The bottle has the word Cusenier in raised letters on the reverse side shoulder, and an embossed branded metal capsule with the Cusenier shield on the top.

Editor reviews

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A wonderful treat
Overall rating 
Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Appearance: A beautiful citrine. No sediment.

Louche: Fully louched by about 1.5:1! It ends up a great amber/peach/pink rose color. Wonderfully opalescent.

Aroma: Lots of top quality anise with butterscotch and baby powder. Lots of wormwoody mintyness as well. Incredibly inviting.

Flavor: So smooth! Just a tad hot at 3:1, but just right at 3.5:1. Great anise flavor complimented by minty wormwood. No real discernible bitterness, but not really sweet either. Great balance.

Finish: Pleasant wormwood and anise linger much longer than I would have anticipated given its rather light profile. Again, very well balanced.

Overall: Fantastic stuff. Light and feminine, balanced and utterly enjoyable. An everyday type of profile that would appeal to any absinthe drinker.
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