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Absinthe Tasting Guide

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 How to add a new product to the guide:

As with reviews, you must be a registered user on the site.  If you haven't already done so, register using the  link at the bottom of the left-hand column in the Login/Logout menu.  Once you are logged in,

Click on the Submit New Item link in the Absinthe Reviews menu at the left or on the Add New Item Here link at the top of each category section.

• Select a section and category. At present "Reviews" is the only section, and there are three categories:

    Authentic Absinthes are those, of whatever level of quality or type of manufacture, which meet the criteria of a traditional belle époque style absinthe, i.e. above 45% ABV (90 proof), a primary flavor of anise and a detectable flavor of wormwood.

    Absinthe Substitutes & Pastis are products which are sold as absinthe substitutes or are characteristic of the category to such an extent that they may be judged by absinthe criteria.  The reason for their inclusion here is so that people who find absinthe unobtainable can make informed decisions on what to use as a substitute in cocktails or as a drink on its own.

    Faux Absinthes & Novelty products are those which are sold and labeled as authentic absinthe but which are clearly outside the category.  Either they lack enough anise to be qualified as an anise spirit, they lack wormwood flavor and/or their overall character is substantially unlike a traditional belle époque absinthe.  These often fall into the more appropriate designation "wormwood bitters" or "wormwood flavored vodka."  Novelty products will also include such things as mandrake or cannabis "absinthes".

They are presented here so that the curious consumer can see how they compare to authentic absinthe. 


Fill in the Product Details. 

Wherever possible, this information should be identical to entries already in the system, to facilitate search results.  Please check your spelling against other entries first.

    Name of Product: This should be exactly as spelled on the label or on maker's or vendor's web site.

    Style: Select either Verte, Blanche, Rouge or Other.

    Degrees ABV (% alcohol):  Degrees of Alcohol By Volume 

    Year of Make (if known): Leave blank if uncertain.

    Country of Origin: Select country

    Distiller/Manufacturer: This is the name of the actual distillery which produces the product. This is usually not the vendor.

    Web site: The official website of the maker.


You may submit up to four images of the product, limited to 100 Kb. A thumbnail of the first image uploaded will appear with the item in the search result lists, the rest will apear on the review page for that item.

• Click submit!   The item will appear after it is approved by an editor.  You may then post a review if you choose to.

That's all there is to it.  Have fun and please drink responsibly! 

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