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Hello from Absinthe NYC

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My name is Hector. Ive been a long time absintheur. I haven't been much for writing reviews. I have had over 80 brands of absinthe. I had been drinking in the comfort of my own home for 10 years. Why not? Easy to get good absinthe online and have it shipped to your home instead of heading to your nearest bar and ordering something mediocre right? For the longest, I was not really happy about the bar scene here in NYC. It was either bad selection of absinthe, uneducated preparation methods by bar tenders, or just not enough bars that do not carry absinthe either because: Not enough interest , they don't know what it is? They have experienced bad absinthe, or "we already have a bottle".


This year, after going to the Absinthiades festival in France and Visiting Switzerland, I decided to venture out and get involved and speak to people and educate about quality absinthe, traditional and modern preparation methods. It it will not be easy as some here have told me " the absinthe market is dead" I don't think so. It is time to bring absinthe nightlife out of the speakeasy venues, and underground, and into the limelight and have it appreciated by all. I have started my campaign by holding monthly tastings, online website, inviting distillers, promoters, restaurant and bar owners to my tasting events, and I guess ill take it from there.


Thank you all fellow absintheurs, Brian Robinson, and Gwydion Stone for welcoming me to The Wormwood Society. Santé

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