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Issue with Jade 1901

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I've been having an sue with Jade 1901. It seems that every time I drink some the following morning I have nausea. I'm only drinking 1 once of the liquor. I've experienced this a number of times with the same bottle, each time a few days or even a week apart. I was curious if any else had experienced this.

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This is drinking it after dinner and then going to bed an hour or two later. The following morning is when I feel sick. In contrast I have a few kinds available; St. George, Pernod and Keubler. I drink them at the same time as the Jade 1901 and yet I don't wake up feeling sick the next day. This leads me to wonder if there is something specific with the Jade 1901 that might cause this. Perhaps its causing additional stomach acid to generate than the other three brands I have causing me to feel ill. This specific brand also seems to function as a laxative so perhaps with the increased generation in stomach acid its being ejected from the stomach into the bowels.


*sorry if this is too graphic for anyone, but I'm not sure how else to solve this.

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Not that I am aware of. I have other drinks that are grape spirit based that have never effected me this way. St. George is made from grapes as well.

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