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Preban with extra protein

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I just got a hold of a small Pernod Fils from the "Palazzo cache", and there is a fly in it!

A small fairy, about 5-6mm long.


Has anyone seen this before?


The seller was nice enough to offer to exchange it with a similar, fly-free bottle

but I declined. I think this is awesome.

I also highly doubt it has effected the taste, having (by accident, I assure you) eaten a couple of these in my lifetime I know they are almost tasteless, and the fly/absinthe ratio by volume is almost homeopathicly insignificant.


Anyway I thought I had to share this:)

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Goodness. I wonder how old that fly is.
Maybe we can pull a Jurassic Park and extract its DNA for some weird hybrid cloning.


You might be in possession of the potential of a scientific breakthrough.

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