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Absente "with wormwood"

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This is one of the brands that I consistently see at pretty much every liquor store I've been to; it's the Absente brand, but claims to contain "the full measure of wormwood (artemesia absinthium)," with a picture of Van Gogh on the front. I presume that since I've only ever heard bad things about Absente, it's no good; but what's the deal with the wormwood? Is it false advertising? I only wonder because, as you may know, I live in Batesville, Arkansas, and the nearest liquor store is 45 minutes away, and this is one of the two brands they carry there (along with Lucid).

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There are hundreds of species of wormwood, only one of which is Artemisia absinthium, which is required for a product to be authentic ans where the name absinthe comes from.


The Absente marketing materials and labels have consistently shown confusion and a lack of understanding of the differences between different types of wormwood and their uses. For instance claiming that they replaced the traditional A. absinthium with "Southern Wormwood" (A. abrotanum, actually known as southernwood) which they further misidentify as "petite wormwood". Petite wormwood is actually A. pontica and is a traditional herb used it the finishing maceration and coloring.

All this is moot, however, because Absente is artificially colored (read the label) pre-sweetened, and flavored with star anise oil.

Stick with the lucid, and order others from DrinkUpNY.com.

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