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Brian Robinson

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New art exhibit at Deep Space New York.




I'm fully aware that this is simply art, and not intended to replicate authentic absinthe, but I can't get away from the irony that a bottle containing a liquid similar to a crapsinthe has a phallus attached to the top. Maybe all fauxinthe should have that type of cap. Then you'll at least have an idea of what you should really do with the bottle, instead of drinking it. ;)

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6 out of 7 monkeys agree that is closer to real art than a crucifix in a bottle of urine.


...not a lot closer you understand, but baby steps and all that.


The sad part of all this is that the "artist" (I use the term loosely) probably got paid enough for that to buy enough real absinthe to be inebriated for a year or two.

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