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What are you Smoking?!?!

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A bud and I were discussing the current state of affairs of affordable quality cigars. To us, that would be a really tasty smoke under $3.

The options are fairly staggering now and I have a wealth of quality choices that make me skip over the Padrons, My Father's, etc...

Move the price tag up to $5 and it becomes ridiculously hard to make up my mind.


Life is good. :)

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Al Capone Cognac dipped. I don't smoke very often, but my brother stopped over and offered one, so I couldn't be rude.


He also told me of a belated bday gift that should be arriving in a few days... Acid Krush? Never had one, but am curious.

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In the past, I've only smoked cheap cigars (Swisher Sweets, Al Capones, etc.) Lately though, I've really been wanting to upgrade. The closest I've had to a higher end cigar was the Maker's Mark, and the Acid Krush (Morado Maduro). Both were OK, but didn't blow me away.


Today, I get to try my first Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Corona Connecticut.

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