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Broken seals on order from absintheclassics.com

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Abaxial, thanks for sending us an email (a reply is in your inbox), we don't always have as much as we would like to browse the forums and so we might never have been aware!


As everyone is saying here, unfortunately it is something that does happen from time to time (although fortunately rarely). Fortunately the Jade absinthe inside the bottles will still be in excellent condition.


Trying to stay as true as possible to a traditional production and bottling has many advantages, the brittle wax is perhaps one of the more controversial elements. You'd have to ask Ted!

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Thank you, for both your reply here and to my email to you, it is very much appreciated. As I said I'm new to the world of absinthe, so apologies if I was overly paranoid and concerned.

Not that the recommendation of a neophyte means much, but for what it's worth, the folks at absinthe classics are top notch, and I look forward to ordering from them again as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for your input and reassurances

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The wax that Ted uses for his Jades is an old recipe and can turn brittle. There is an additional problem of corks pushing out of the bottle and breaking the seal when the Jade is bottled in winter and shipped in summer (which we now highlight on our website after numerous complaints). The increase in liquid volume and the expansion of the head-space vapour is quite significant between say 8 C and 30 C for an absinthe of 70% abv, and this expansion will sometimes push out the cork. It is not an issue with most t-cork closures as these have a shrink fitted capsule to cover them.

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