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Hi everybody!


I've joined the forum as part of my quest to learn more about Absinthe and Absinthe culture in general. I have a rather "patchy" history with Absithe, but have enjoyed every glass (this probably says more about my palate than the quality of the drink...)


I first tried Absinthe (although it was more likely Absinth) in Barcelona about 8 years ago, in the bar we students had taken over. I have no idea about the brand, but they served it – with coke. In my defence, I knew no better, and I was young and foolish...


Despite what you might think, it give me a taste for the green stuff, so I picked up a bottle of the first Absinthe I could, La Fée. At the same time I ordered a couple of their "starter kits" - the ones with a small baootle of Absinthe, a spoon, and sugar cubes. This gave me my first experience of the Absinthe ritual, despite the step about burning the sugar.


Since then, I've tried several different Absinthes. Including Abtshof 66, Green Fairy, and Serpis (despite being red, it's probably the only "true" Absinthe on the list...)


I now have an idea of what Absinthe really should be, much of it due to this forum, I'm ready to know more. I'm interested in the paraphernalia and history of Absinthe, as well as tasting great brands. As I'm now living in Sydney, I know my options are more limited than when I was in Europe, but I'm looking forward to my first trip to the Absinthe Salon (as soon as I have some money...)


Anyway, I'm sure this has rambled on enough, but I have a few more horror stories to tell in the future ;)


- Graham

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)


@LeRoy: as I'm yet to try a really good Absinthe, I have no frame of reference to know how bad they are...


@ Brian: I like Serpis, and the fact they make a non-anise version meant my wife could try it too


After I posted my intro last night, I realised that it is actually closer to 10 years ago I first tried Absinthe. I have some catching up to do....

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Howdy Podner. :cheers:


Absinthe and coke...probably isn't any worse than Chartreuse and coke. Right Jules? :pirate:



Can't be worse than the recipe LaFee gives for an "NV Mojito": LaFee NV, mint, lime, and lemon-lime soda...

Welcome to the forum, Graham!


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