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Gwydion Stone

WS Member Gets Great Ink in the NY Times!

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Ms. Walton Waters deserves praise. I am glad people want to help local farmer distillers. I heard some board members complain about some purveyors that stopped carrying her brand. I understand why some people find it stressful, but local companies like ours depend on connoisseurs like yourselves to purchase our products regularly in order for us to stay in business.


To complain and to objectify sales outlets who discontinue the sale of a product is the consequence of the purchasing public like us, not the store owner or distributor wanting to be a "jerk" and not help a hardworking farmer distiller.


Now if say a major distributor won't sell Ms. Walton Waters product because they have a proprietary brand for instance Pernod Absinthe, (as we all know has added sugar and artificial dies in its contents) and they are interested in selling a name, not a better quality product, then I feel that position is jerky.

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Here's a new link with news video Julia sent me. I love these women!

The hand-crafted care they put into every bottle is a rare and precious thing.

She said a bigger still would be really nice. Well.

I'll chip in a Franklin towards that purchase if we felt like doing her a favor like that.

Do we?


Delaware Phoenix in the news

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