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The Future of Ordering From Europe?

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I did get a reply from Kamal at DUNY regarding shipping to Texas. For anyone interested here is what he sent...


Thanks for the email. We were contacted by the Texas SLA asking us not to ship there any more. They have recently came up with a "Direct Shippers Permit" for out of state retailers. However, in order to ship to TX, we need to buy from a TX wholesaler. This ofcourse is not possible due to NY law that governs our license. Also many of the products are not available in TX at all for us to buy from a local wholesaler in the first place.

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I found this in DUNY's FAQs...


"Due to recent state regulations, we are no longer able to offer shipping to Texas. Orders placed with a Texas "ship to" address will be canceled and we will issue a complete refund."


I have emailed them to ask what's up. I'll post the reply when it comes to me. I would bet it's my beloved TABC and taxes.



Well, I just today discovered this piece of crap news and I'm waiting to see if DrinkUpNY responds to my inquiry. This really bites the big one. They were my prime supplier for imported absinthes that aren't available in Austin (as you know). My supply of non-Lucid and sometimes Kübler is cut off at this point unless I can find an alternate source. I can't afford European shipping charges.


If I find out what Texas political jerkwad(s) is responsible, I will start to write some complaint letters and demand impeachment, tarring, feathering, and being smacked on the head with a wet halibut.

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