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The Time Travel Experiment

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These photos were taken by Keliy Anderson-Staley with a vintage wet plate collodion camera. The absinthe gear is all vintage except for the Brouilleur and the contents of the glass. It seems the Time Traveler chose to bring some Walton Waters into the past with him! He must hold it in pretty high regard.


The arm and raygun were built by me, entirely from metal, wood, glass and leather.


Nice work, Retro. I love what glass plates do to eyes. Very ominous and spooky.

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In B&W films, chocolate sauce makes great blood for this same reason! I know, as I used it in a film that honored Bunuel back in my film school daze 30 somthin' years ago. What a great artist he was.


Ah, chocolate blood! It takes me back. In my own film school days there was some debate over which brand was best on camera. Most preferred Hersheys.


Wow. I haven't visited the forums much for a while and missed this thread. I'm going to have to read it in more depth when I have the time, but in the meantime I must say how absolutely wonderful it makes me feel to know someone takes Mathesonian time travel seriously! I wonder how many of us owe our interest in absinthe - at least in some tiny way - to a deep-rooted wish to do just this. Cheers!

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