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  1. That sounds a lot better than using it to remove the lining from your intestines.


  2. Founders CBS 2018, North Fork Brewing's BABS, Vern's Peach Tea, and Titanium Expose brewed by the one and only Eric Jorgensen whom I dubbed Whatcom County's Emperor of Sour Beer.
  3. 2017 Fremont Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb. The best vintage of this that I've ever tasted. Huge chocolate pudding, even more gigantic cinnamon bark, somewhat muted coffee (a definite plus) which has given way to a delightful vanilla bean underpinning. Absolutely in my all-time top five beers.😘
  4. I can't believe I'm a day late with my happiest birthday wish, my dearest twin. I hope yesterday offered you a cornucopia of the most decadent indulgences!😍
  5. Founders KBS here, ghost brothers.😎
  6. Geez, just when I was certain that all the posting here was done, y'all go and spoil the WS extinction. Yeah, I love you guys for coming out of hibernation just in time to make me feel even older and more decrepit.🤣
  7. Evil Twin Bozo Beer followed by Fremont Brewing's Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb.
  8. WWSPs...HFYHF...figure that one out, ya damned texting addicts!😜
  9. No, you wouldn't. The human mind wasn't meant to comprehend such eldritch horrors. Bingo! Eldritch just happens to be one of my favorite Bellingham avenues, which I'm sure won't surprise you.
  10. And you can't get that week back, either,so it's my turn to 😛🤡