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  1. Maybe this one will do the job: http://www.mikrodestilleriet.com/webshop/s...-1/absinth.html
  2. Salon 39 has a decent selection as well and is a really nice place to hang out: http://www.salon39.dk/ Hi, absinthion ... have we met in real life? If not, are you acquainted with this epicentre of Danish absinthe geekiness: http://www.absinthium.dk/ (and of course this little thing: http://www.absinthium.dk/?p=44 )??
  3. Consider a trip to Sweden; they have a few nice options in Systembolaget - see the selection here. Duplais and Mansinthe are OK, Blanchette and Nouvelle Orleans are very good. Pere Kermann is to be avoided at all cost. Bringing booze from Sweden in person shouldn't be a problem. If you find yourself in Oslo, jump on a ferry to Copenhagen and go to a shop called Juuls Vinhandel (www.juuls.dk) - they have a decent selection too.
  4. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy of the book. I think it got lost once I had to mail a bunch of books to myself from France.
  5. In Marie-Claude Delahaye's "L'Absinthe: Son histoire", there is a French cartoon from before the ban about how various people use various nicknames for absinthe - among them 'une bleue' (used by a soldier, as far as I remember). There, it seems to be a term that is interchangeable with any other nickname (such as 'perroquet') which would mean that it originally didn't have anything to do with moonshine and could be used about a verte as well.
  6. Ha! I've always hated that image - the mental illness of a poor, dead guy being used to promote crappy absinthe - but with that explanation, it suddenly makes sense. Oh, and welcome, SethP!
  7. Recently I fell in love with Geranium Gin.
  8. Good idea ... goes well with the viking ship!
  9. Only eaten one of those places so far: Konnopke's in Berlin, famous (and rightly so) for their currywurst. I can say, though, that the oysters from the local weekly farmer's market here in France where I am currently residing aren't half bad. A group of us have founded a "Food Club" and make weekly excursions to get oysters and whatever else they might have there. Last time (yesterday) we came back and didn't leave the kitchen for twelve hours. Just sitting and eating and drinking.
  10. Translation: Stoopid eBay seller who can't spell seeks even more stoopid goth buyer.
  11. For me, the rule no. 1 concerning pre-ban is not to be too concerned about "getting it right". That will make me start worrying all too much about whether this or that is the right glass/day/moment/moon phase/weather/whatever, and I will be incapable of simply enjoying that damn nice glass o' booze. I've had pre-ban out of a plastic cup after a round of tequila slammers, and I enjoyed every last drop of it. I've also seen pre-ban spilled on the floor from a plastic cup. That may be one step too casual.
  12. I really like a glass of absinthe after a good dinner, as a digestif. That's not how it's supposed to be, but I still like it.
  13. I think you are right. At least when we are talking about turkish raki. Greek raki, on the other hand, is similar to grappa.
  14. I find that a glass of absinthe is quite well suited for a nice drink alone, while reading or listening to some music or whatever. It usually makes me relaxed more than chatty. Recently, however, I have found a few kindred spirits here in my neck of the woods (through Facebook, by the way), who wholeheartedly share my taste for this drink. That's nice for a change to be able to meet up with someone and not have to begin from scratch and try and convince someone that anise can taste good.
  15. Juuls Vinhandel Værnedamsvej 15 1819 Frederiksberg One of the very few wine shops that has something besides Hapsburg. They have recently started to stock Un Emile and Roquette. Bouquet Vin Peter Bangs Vej 121 2000 Frederiksberg Another wine shop. They have Mansinthe. Bliss Kompagnistræde 2 1208 København K This newly opened place cocktail bar/restaurant could be the beginning of a beautiful new era for the Danish capital, as the owner, a dedicated mixologist, is actually genuinely interested in absinthe. At the moment, the place serves Un Emile, Mansinthe and Twin Tec. The selection of decent brands in Denmark is still poor, but if something finds its way here, there is a fair chance that this place will have it.
  16. If you want to hang out with (some of) "my" crowd, catch a plane to Switzerland this weekend ... Alas, I won't be there myself. Oh, by the way - you shouldn't quote the post directly about yours, unless there is a particular passage that you want to single out. I know there are other forums out there where they do it all the time, but here, it is generally considered a no-no. Rightly so, I'd say, it feels a bit as if someone repeats everything you say before replying.
  17. Internet connectivity as such is far from being flawed, in my opinion ... without internet forums, I would never have had the unforgettable experience of getting drunk in remote parts of Switzerland and France with a bunch of 'murkins, locals and others, and I have actually met quite a few new people in my own city thanks to Facebook. But in order to make it work, I can only cope with so many places to keep track on - otherwise, I would never have the time to make it to those real life activities that makes it worthwhile ...
  18. I wonder how many networking sites a human is able to cope with. I my case, it seems to be one. Never really got to use LinkedIn, and I haven't really used my Myspace profile since Facebook came into the picture. I do not even dare to think about Twitter ... I think. Oh, and hi, Johanna. Nice to see you around (from another slightly irregular poster).
  19. The bitch is the franc was de-commissioned when the Euro took over several years ago. And what with the exchange rate going crazy, it would be a guess at best. Maybe Swiss franc then?
  20. Unfortunately not. I know that such a story doesn't sound very trustworthy without any other documentation than the word of a notorious absintheur and mead-guzzler. The reason it could happen is probably that it blended in with some empty bottles at the same table.
  21. Some mead. I don't know exactly what's in it. I was bottling some a few weeks ago, and the other day I discovered this bottle still standing on the table. Apparently, I forgot to cap it and store it. Tastes fine. Lesson learned: Mead doesn't get bad, if it is left uncapped for a couple of weeks.
  22. From "The Time of Secrets" by Marcel Pagnol. The passage can be read here, about halfway down the page.