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  1. Then its important to get the info to more people than just the ones on the absinthe forums. You'll get nowhere without informing people of the truth and trust me - make a loud enough issue of the stupid gov. ban on it and people will begin to listen. How many states have legalized pot for medical purposes? It's the same thing people - you want to bring it loud and keep bringing it. Europe, as usual, is much farther ahead than we are. Don't just sit there sneaking shipments in - stand up and contact your masters,err, government, and let them know how stupid it is. Write your newspapers and keep writing. Contact everyone you can with the REAL information - become your own source of inspiration - become the media.
  2. I have lots of exp in underground zines - or are these pointless now due to these forums? Would we even want one? I could have it all along the West coast.
  3. Got a box of Doubs from Australia with contents labeled "ABSINTHE" in big letters - no one cared at all. Delivered via US Mail. But it was San Francisco afterall. Currently in New Orleans helping where they might have me help. Can someone PLEASE PM me about HG? I have a couple questions.