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  1. "Bohemia does have a tradition of alchemy/alchemists" Maybe but so did the rest of the world. Being of Bohemian descent I wish early absinthe production could be attributed to my people, but sadly there there seems to be no written record of such.
  2. Old news. Hope you enjoyed it.
  3. http://www.feeverte.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3683
  4. Well I am sure it was abandoned because of the way it tasted. A ratio such as that would provide almost instantaneous louche.
  5. Swiss Absinthe of Pontarlier For full Bedel text see: 1899 Treatise on Liqueurs Grand Wormwood, dried and stripped 2 kil. 500 Green Anise 5 kilo Fennel of Florence 5 kilo Alcohol at 85 degrees 95 litres So what recipe are you quoting? A traditional Pontarlier does not contain star anise. And again louches quite nicely
  6. A more traditional recipe would go something like 50g green anise 50g ff 25g aa. This produces a very satisfactory louche with no star anise whatsoever.
  7. When using a t cork, add a bit of cooking oil on the fingers and rub it down. I have yet to have one break using this method.
  8. Nep, the product is quite lovely and very reasonably priced.
  9. Is that Eric playing the six string?, using the thumb on the bass notes? I do the same thing. Sure wish I could have got the time off to make the trip with you guys.
  10. I really wouldn't bother modern Herbsaint is not very good.
  11. My experience has not borne this out. For about five years now I have been ordering absinthe and Cuban cigars via regular mail from fsc and have never had a problem.