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  1. Some of my buckwheat honey mead aging on medium-toasted Hungarian oak. Almost ready to bottle.
  2. Finished my first bottle of Pacifique last night - delicious! Will definitely buy another as soon.
  3. Luscious Oily Lesbians! Absinthe - it's not just for breakfast anymore :-P
  4. So the Green "Hour" is more like 6am-6am? I'm in.
  5. I mother did all of the work but I reap the benefits! Today marks my 48th trip around the sun so Jade 1901 it is. Is 5:30pm too early to drink absinthe?
  6. I'm only two years too late, but I've made black tea kombucha and bottled (32 ounce) with a couple ounces of absinthe. The residual bacteria eats away most of the alcohol but leaves a delightful flavor behind.
  7. Yum! How far's the drive from Indiana to Washington?
  8. Btw speent a minute with High West Campfire and then FIL and I went back to the Brenne.
  9. That's a great one! Lots of good offerings from Founders.
  10. Have not heard of that! I need to research. Just opened a bottle of Brenne with my father in law. French single malt whisky finished in Cognac barrels. Mmmmmm...
  11. Thanks! Sorry for the double post All! I think it just took a bit for all of my posts to start showing up. A pox upon me for a clumsy lout.
  12. Just cracked a new bottle of Old Square. Yummy. Watching Supernatural with my 15 yo son.
  13. I've had nothing but coffee and crystal light all day. Almost home now. Hmmmmm what does tummy want...
  14. New to the group. Thanks for enlightening me. I sure as hell won't be mentioning any f***ing cilantro! :-D
  15. Hello All! I've actually not been lurking in the forums until I created my account a few weeks ago, but I'm digging through them now and tons of great information! I've been drinking absinthe for 10 years but only really seriously exploring the drink in the last 5 or so. I've got what I thought was a nice collection at home until I saw some of the pictures where others are showing their stash. Holy Pontica, Batman! I'm behind. I can't wait to learn more from the group. Ron
  16. I have a bottle of the Limitee 68 and to me it tastes a little like burning plastic. Did I get a bad bottle?
  17. B. Nektar Episode 13 limited release oaked mead. First time trying this one and it's not as good (or as expensive in all fairness) as their Sleeping Giant mead but still quite tasty!