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  1. The Limitee 68 has really settled down after opening, btw.
  2. I guess I'm still trying to find the boundaries of what I like and exploring what absinthe "can" be. And don't mind spending a bit of $$ to make that happen ;-)
  3. Don't worry - my J&A should be here this coming week
  4. Four new (to me) absinthes are out for delivery Which one will I try first? Hmmmm... Un Emile Pernot 68 Brevans HR Giger New Love Gothicsinth (just for fun!)
  5. A blend - is that sacrosanct? 50% St George and 50% Roquette. Actually nicer that each on their own...
  6. I took a few bottles of absinthe (C.F. Berger, Ultra Maxima, and Toulouse Green) and a 2-liter of my mead/wine (cherry, black currants, black tea) to a Mayweather/McGregor fight showing last night so today....water...lots of water...
  7. How do you drink it? I bought a bottle several years ago and dumped it. Gross....
  8. Wasn't Jorgensen the brains behind the group Ministry many years ago? Ummm.... Unibroue Terrible earlier but switching to Jade 1901. Clean and fresh!
  9. The horrors! Third bottle close to empty and the only liquor store that I've found to carry it is out of stock and won't be getting more back in. Apparently they are trying to find another distributor who can get it in Indiana but the previous one no longer carries it. :(
  10. Welcome! Jade N.O. is a great absinthe!
  11. SongCatcher - needs a cigar in the pic. Full ATF... Tonight I bottled 6 gallons of my hungarian oaked buckwheat honey mead. Sadly I didn't have quite enough bottles so I need to drink the rest myself.
  12. Second bottle gone. Nummy. I have to say this is a clear favorite for me.
  13. Tasting party was a success. I should probably sleep now.
  14. Unibroue Terrible to wind down. Perhaps an herbal remedy in a bit.
  15. Thanks! Having a few friends over for a tasting party tomorrow night
  16. Welcome Taylor! I'm pretty new here too but seems like a great group.
  17. Welcome Neighbor! I'm in Indiana and only beat you registering by about a month.
  18. Mansinthe in the Hotel Indigo in Chicago. It was either this, St George, or Kübler.