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  1. Soon I'll be opening my first Founders DKML Take me back to my college days I'm sure where I was drinking Mickey's bigmouth malt liquor!
  2. Too much tarragon to my palate.
  3. Perhaps it needs a birthday party thrown for it with a few hundred of your closest friends... :-D Seriously, can't wait to try it in the midwest.
  4. Whadya think? I had a Bootleg Hill Bad Ass coffee mead tonight. Delicious!
  5. Scored three bottles "somewhere" and replenished my stash for now. Happy.
  6. It's yum. Only just better, imho, is Stone's Old Guardian. I have a case somewhere...
  7. I have a bottle of Eichelberger 68 Limitee that tasted like burnt plastic for the first several pours. After a couple of months it smoothed out and is actually quite nice now. Perhaps your Ceran wrap treatment plus introducing oxygen had some effect?
  8. Apologies, MisterX. I shouldn't post when I've been drinking.
  9. Funny. With little "street cred" you basically slam the founder of the site. Interesting. You phrase it carefully to make sure that you convey the proper message and yet your "attack" falls a bit short. Sugar doesn't make a good absinthe so you try to make it seem like you tried to like it. Either you have no idea what you're doing or you have an agenda - which is it?
  10. Justified and Ancient. I may not be ancient yet, but trust me this was justified.
  11. Indiana brewing company - Central Waters Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout
  12. Somehow they made an Imperial Red IPA creamy. Magic...
  13. Nice, Dirty Bastard, SC I had a Redonkulous earlier. Winding down with a little H.R. Giger for me tonight.
  14. I had a few buddies over tonight - we kinda drank several.
  15. Welcome, Jessica! Just checked out your web presence - great looking bottle and labeling! Doesn't look like you offer online ordering yet but maybe someone closer can try it and let us know! Ron
  16. Soon to be enjoying a Sixpoint 5 Beans Imperial Porter for the first time. Resin and Hi-Res from Sixpoint are pretty solid. I expect this one (or two?) will be as well
  17. And I poured just a small sample since it was so early in the day. And then I poured another small sample. Ummmm and then another. Only a few ounces total but this is a deliciously balanced absinthe. No sugar and playing between a 1:2-1:3 ratio. Easy sipping, some floral notes up front - wormwood on the back. I'll be the first to admit that my palate isn't a finely tuned instrument so no mountain top experiences for me on this one but really nice. One I'm tempted to share with my friends and yet may jealously guard it from all...