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  1. I'm right there with ya, MisterX. I will start around a 2:1 ratio of water to absinthe and take a sip. Sometimes I add a bit more and sometimes I don't. I also agree with Grim that it depends on my day - have I had anything else to eat or drink that throws me off. Salty or spicy foods right before an absinthe make me add more water to get the ratio right. The second absinthe may be back down to 2:1.
  2. Mmmmmm Mad Elf is yummy. Sipping a Toulouse Green absinthe at the moment.
  3. Unibroue's Terrible Belgian Quad. Can Canadian Belgian's be better than Belgium's Belgian's? I love this beer. Thank you Jerry Vietz for all you do to make the world a better place.
  4. Actually the best masceration comes from alcohol that's about 85% abv to really extract the oils from the herbs. If you're going to doctor it I would make a tincture with everclear and add that way. Or just go buy something green
  5. I have a bottle from batch 73. I like the peppery finish to it!
  6. Hey I missed my own birthday on here Thank you!
  7. I've never been but it sounds like fun! Report back to us after?
  8. My bourbony, oaky, imperially stouty... Yummy...
  9. Bells' Hopslam whilst making dinner. A Pacifique to bat clean up.
  10. Last night was a home-grown bourbon-barrel aged stout. Today was Bell's Hopslam. Mmmmmm....
  11. Mmmm I do like a nice tawny port. Kopke is my favorite 10 year. Most others 20+ are quite nice. Had a couple pours of Jade 1901 tonight. Sadly and inexplicably the bottle is getting low.
  12. Did you like the Mansinthe? I either order from : https://www.absinthes.com/en/index.php http://http://www.absinthe-dealer.com/index.html
  13. The first 12 minutes were a bit rough but enjoying after that...
  14. Found an unopened bottle of Jade 1901 in the back of the cabinet Did the movie suck? Starting it now...
  15. Last night was my cherry, blackcurrant, black tea mead. Tonight is an absinthe night
  16. LOLOLOL! I had one the other day too but was afraid to post! Pacifique was a damn fine egg nog enhancer
  17. Dante, Welcome to the forum! I'm not a doctor, but I'm allergic to ragweed and have enjoyed absinthes for years.