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  1. Seriously, you need to make it fit in 1024. In reality, it should fit in 800 as there are *a lot* of people who still use that. I wonder if you have considered making your widths in percentages? If you do that it should fit in any browser window. Also, perhaps you should consider justifying your paragraphs? Anyway, nice look...
  2. Yeah, I bought it so I could use it as a prop. Maybe I'll distill some aroma oils...
  3. The next one will be an antique Pernod Fils bottle with vintage in a glass. I want to make it so it shows and old bottle that has just been opened, but also want to make it obviousl that it is the year 2007. It's going to be a real challenge as the label looks (and is) old.
  4. This one was surprisingly easy to paint, you never know until you get into them. That copper cup in my avitar was a real bitch.
  5. Just finished, still wet. Sorry for the glare, it's hard to take a photo of this without getting any glare in it. Larger sized image link:
  6. Includes one ounce of real wormwood which makes 2 liters, only $45!
  7. Okay, I don't mean to be disrespectfuly or anything, but I bought a bottle of Jade Eduoard about a year ago and frankly, it did NOT age well. When I initially bought it, it was pretty good, had a nice green color. Drank about 1/3 of the bottle, sealed it up and put it away in a cool dark place and didn't touch it again until just last week. The problem? It's got this funky aroma to it, almost like vinegar or something. I'm thinking it must be releated to the wine alcohol, but not sure. I had often heard people mention of a "funk" in Jade products but I never really noticed this until now. It wasn't this funky when I first bought it, but it definitely is now. On a side note, I recently purchased the 1901 and it is very nice. I just hope it holds up to age better than the bottle of Jade Eduoard.
  8. Hermes has been discontinued, fortunately. Hermes is known in Japan as not being of high quality, no matter which liquor they happen to be making.
  9. Pernod 68 will give you a nasty headache. I'd rather drink a beer.
  10. A lot of people who have hay fever are also alergic to chamomile, maybe that's in it? I would get headaches whenever I drank Pernod 68. I bet if you stick with distilled abisnthe it won't happen.
  11. Those things drip a little too fast for me even when they aren't broken...
  12. Last week I got a bottle of Capricieuse 72 La Bleue and it is also a bit yellow. If I were rating it, I'd for sure take off a point or two for color.
  13. Drilling holes in glass is not too tough if you use stuff designed for stained glass. The bits I've used in the past are quite small, maybe 1/8 inch in diameter. You place a wet sponge adjacent to the bit so it soaks up water, and drill a "small" hole first. Actually, I think small dremel would work great. The stained glass bits have diamond dust on the sides. The key is to drill a small hole first, then it's just a matter of grinding the hole bigger rather than trying to drill big hole first (that sounds obscern, heh.)
  14. If you really want to talk about strange kids shows, anyone remember "HR Puffenstuff"?!??!
  15. Speaking of a slight yellow tinge, I recieved La Capricieuse today and it also has a very slight straw color to it. I guess this must not be so bad. Have yet to try it though.