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  1. I would have to say, so far I have only had 5, but in order of preference. 1. Blanchette 2. La Capriceuse 3. MoL 3. Roquette (4/14) 5. La Clandestine
  2. Also I got them to get some Butterfly to stock in San Antonio at Specs #110. I'm working with the distributor to get some Jade here too, they distribute to other areas just not in Texas right now.
  3. Anyone still around? I am in San Antonio, and it would definitely be pretty nice to get together with some other absinthe lovers.
  4. Apparently not much going on in San Antonio absinthe wise. I do know that Spec's has some in stock, and have La Clandestine at 281/1604 store, I had them order some in.
  5. Welcome, yes, I am also fairly new, and it is becoming expensive quickly. But so far it's a great trip...
  6. Yes, it is good, it was the first one that I tried too, I noticed that it has more bitterness up front,then gives way to the anise, and has a very nice bite, but a nice smooth mouth to it. I did find that it is quite a bit stronger after having a couple of blanches, and didn't put as much water in it, and about half way through the glass decided it need a bit more water, and alas perfection. No sugar, the first time I had it, was with sugar, but since not needed to me. It does, I was very surprised by the addicting allure, the taste, the smell... oh yes.
  7. I was wondering, if anyone else has felt like this, I am always thinking of and can't wait to taste and prepare a glass of absinthe. The smell and the flavor are always on my thoughts. I find the taste and the whole experience quite alluring. :D I think it is more captivating than Single Malt Scotch, which is something that I always appreciated.
  8. The Roquette that I have is batch L0414 .
  9. I definitely am enjoying the MoL a lot. It definitely has a lot of character definitely not like any of the others that I have. The only other Verte that I have tried is Roquette and it is different, not as bitter and has a nice smooth feel to it. I don't see how you can go wrong with it. I just ordered a couple of new ones to try. Esmeralda Septante 7 La Valote Bovet Tradition Bizarre Blanche Neige - Distiller's Proof I still need to get some Jades and I want to try the La Ptite.
  10. Thank you trying to add some more to it.
  11. I tried the Blanchette finally. One of my favorites so far.
  12. Thank you, I have been reading to see what everyone liked and then decided to start there.
  13. Thank you, I did open the Meadow of Love also, was the last glass of the night. They are all very good, and have their own character, very nice. Next I am going to try the Clandestine and the Blanchette, last two that I haven't tried. I think that I need to get some Jade ordered for my collection.