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  1. Seriously. If you're interested in submitting any of them for the calendar, see this thread. Will do.
  2. Thanks, guys! Glad you like them.
  3. Well, inspired in the sense that it features Absinthe.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Well, I'm still looking for that real absinthe I keep hearing about that makes you trip and cut of your ears.
  5. Truth be told, I was hanging around with my then girlfriends snobby goth friends (back in 2003 - 2004) whom I shared a fascination of the belle époque with - particularly the more decadent sides - so absinthe was impossible to avoid. My first absinthe was Tabu and though it was badly prepared, that is set ablaze the cool Johnny Depp way, I actually enjoyed it, and so my bank account has been crying ever since.
  6. It's been a while since I joined in on the online Absinthe discussion. Nice to see a few familiar faces still hanging around. You probably don't remember the danish drunk who used to roam LFV and here, but I figured I'd say hello. It's been years!
  7. All of us aren't as rich as you. I for one would be very disappointed to get my spoons and then find out that LDF plus a url is printed on them. Of course they have to promote their site, company and so on, but atleast they can make it clear on the site that they do so on their spoons. Cirque du Soleil is tha best! :sp_ike:
  8. I Think Guy is better... I've been thinking - yeah I know - is it the same as the La Bleue over at Markus's shop: http://www.absinthe-distribution.com/shop/...db04f2.80113554
  9. Get the Serpis 65 one, that's the best of all the Serpissssses.
  10. I saw a documentary about Van Gogh, where they briefly mentioned that absinthe (they misspelled it, of course) and turpentine pretty much is the same thing.
  11. Arrhh shite! That movie was on last night and I missed it. <_<
  12. I would say its very much worth it. But then again I don't have one. I bought twelve of these "red wine glasses" in Ikea a while ago, and I've been using them for absinthe ever since.