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  1. Anyone ever use fennel in a tea or anything like that? I'm thinking of adding some in with some kombucha.
  2. But the THUJONE you guys!!!! It's psychoactive!
  3. They might want to hire experts in international marketing.
  4. It's like Green Apple grenadine or something.
  5. Not sure about Bruges, but I know there is a wine store in Mechelen which carries Jade products and La Clandestine. I've seen Libertine on a shelf here in Brussels, but not much else. We've got plenty of Pere Kerrman's for you.
  6. Goodness. I wonder how old that fly is. Maybe we can pull a Jurassic Park and extract its DNA for some weird hybrid cloning. You might be in possession of the potential of a scientific breakthrough.
  7. Yeah, that's the one everyone has mentioned to me. I think I'll finally get around to doing so very soon - I noticed they have it at my spot in Brussels. Avoiding Czechsinthe-burning tourists has become an art to me, so I will go on a weekday early on in the evening and will let you know my thoughts.
  8. I will be in Paris tomorrow evening after a concert... I looked around and found a place that looks like it could be promising. It's called Marlusse et Lapin. Here's their menu; I hope they don't burn this stuff... Lucid 62° 7,00€ Esprit Edouard 72° 9,00€ Jade 1902 68° 9,00€ VS 1898 68° 9,00€ Route du Paradis 6,00€ Shot 4,50€ Really hoping that since they have the dignity to have Jade products, that they treat them correctly. It's in the Montmartre area (and I will be coming out of a concert in a section of the Moulin Rouge) so my first, and likely only experience in Paris for a while could potentially go very well. If anyone is in the area, I will be there at midnight on Sunday evening/Monday morning.
  9. Yeah, I'm not going to lie. The Toulouse-Lautrec stuff - particularly the Christmas edition - was not half bad. Haven't tried any stuff from that site. Mead-based sounds... interesting.
  10. Aye. My enjoyment of it just stems from the fact that most of what I drink is from ancient recipes and, being that my big passion in life is history and previous cultures, it's not 'only' a 'good drink' to me. Being that I connect it with good times in my recent life, it also just means a lot by being something which has helped me by distracting me from any BS in life (that makes me sound lick a lush trying to drown my problems - if there's any truth to that, it's just a kernel ). And I guess that is what my experiences have led me to enjoy - finding similar recipes to that which predates us. It's just extremely neat that people out there - chemists and drinkers alike - put so much effort into that. If I could ever work for a distillery making this stuff, at this point, I'd take the chance.
  11. Greytail, he thought it was non-existent. One would think he would know better if his business was spirits. On another note, this is probably the best thing I have read in a long time.
  12. I recently was walking around Brussels and seeing if any place had any decent stuff. No matter where you are in the world - even Western Europe - asking people if they have absinthe makes you seem like someone openly asking if they have drugs. One guy was saying "oh, no man! Absinthe is ABSENT!" I'm sure he thought he was clever. And no, he wasn't mentioning 'Absente', either.
  13. Haha, is this better?! Too used to other forums where people actually get butt-hurt if you don't quote the whole thing...
  14. Oh yeah. That was what we were dealing with after my old desk job was converting from CS5. I'm quite okay with paying less. I didn't know it was that much less, though. Thanks for the updates, you two! I've been out of the loop for the last few months.