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  1. Yes, see, this, theres a certain sorcerous tint to it. Certainly a mild entheogen to alchemical work. When I write I find subtle thoughts in the context. those are your daemons, perse from a sort of alchemical view
  2. I did thoroughly enjoy the taste of Absinthe, so does ABC liquor carry it, or do I need to order Lucid online? If anything I could make green Dragon with it too as a sanctity
  3. So theres no virtue of heightened conscious to Absinthe, hmmm
  4. You all seem in a way, dumbass yourselves. Mushrooms aren't hallucinogenic. Alcohol is a drug. I never said absinthe produced visions. So is the absinthe effect a real mind altercation, or are we afraid to talk about that here?
  5. I'm a Absinthe neophyte from Fl and as a philosophical Alchemist, and self practiced (black) magiciasn/ scholarly Laveyan Satanist (Wasn't I already smoking a Green Devil...) ,I've taken interest in Absinthe to open the floodgates of inspiration. I am aware that as much as I like a good space trip, Absinthe is more comparable to a (clean) mushroom trip. Reality in high def. On the occult side, my constant omenry has given numerous references to a Green fairy, and a certain glow appears (I'm kind of permatripping..) at a spot in in the room at night in my peripheral.. I'm convinced of the possibility that a Green fairy "spirit" exists within the thujone compound. Other than that, I don't have an explanation for my meandering into her territory . I'm ordering a 280 ml absinthe essence bottle (35 mg thujone, wheres the cheapest, preferring an original absinthe look with louche effect and all?). Originally the tempel and Suicide bottles were tempting till I realized the shipping fee will break my bank. I'm also curious as to the other known uses for wormwood and the least priciest booze I might find to mix the essence in.