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  1. My first-ever bottle of Perique just arrived today, thanks to the flying monkeys. Can't wait until after dinner to give it a taste!
  2. Oh, so THAT'S why I always feel out of place at Mickey D's! Funny, I never could figure out how to eat Chicken McNuggets without knife and fork...
  3. You can use a serving fork in a pinch, you might just need to adjust the speed of your dripping water. The louche will be formed not as a result of the sugar, but by using cold water dripped slowly into the absinthe in the glass. Not all absinthes have a strong louche, it may just gradually turn milky like a fog rolling in. When you're satisfied, give it a good stir with a spoon and taste the glass. Welcome!
  4. Awesome news, man! I think they're both great names, and even tastier beverages! And the website is quite handsome, as well. Very good information for newbies, great design, good links to further info. Excellent work!
  5. Welcome, indeed, Quartermaster! As a fellow Portland resident, I can assure you that though we don't have the widest selection on the local OLCC-controlled shelves, we do have access to the good stuff via shipping. DUNY is great, and LdF is also a superb way to get your hands on the Jades and such from Europe. Welcome to the board! Perhaps we'll have to arrange a simple meetup sometime soon for the crew here in PDX. I know they serve some pleasant absinthe-based tipples at the Secret Society Lounge in the inner Eastside, as well as at Clyde Common and the Teardrop Lounge downtown.
  6. I was at Binny's Beverage Depot in the South Loop store in Chicago yesterday and saw Jade N-O on the shelf for $119.99. I didn't pick up a bottle, but I was reminded of this conversation. (They also had Vieux Pontarlier, Sirene, Kübler, Clandestine, Pacifique, and lesser products as well. I got the Kübler.) Of course, Jade N-O has also been at DrinkupNY for $110.99 for almost a year, and qualifies for free shipping.
  7. Welcome indeed! I shall be visiting your adopted land here in a few weeks myself. 'Tis always delightful when people from around the globe can connect and share a common passion: an excellent drink, and pleasant conversation. May you find the Wormwood Society helps you with both!
  8. Excellent advice, spectator. Excellent advice indeed.
  9. I just had bacon-flavored sunflower seeds while playing Strat-O-Matic Baseball with a friend. They were heavenly!
  10. Welcome indeed, from a fellow who happens to worship the Holy Trinity - both Divine and Absinthian!
  11. A chef friend and I worked together to perfect a recipe that involved pork loin, fennel seeds, and rosemary, with an absinthe and sugar glaze. It turned out quite delicious. I'll see if I can get the recipe.
  12. I caught an absinthe reference on my Twitter feed today, inviting me to read an article in Time Out New York about making your own absinthe at home. When I popped over to the article, my worst fears were confirmed: a puff piece about wormwood tisanes masquerading as absinthe: Frankly, this article just seemed like a review of the local community college's catalog of "continuing education" classes. Fortunately, Brian managed to get to the article before I did, debunking both another commenter and the very process of "making your own" in his two comments. For those of you with spare time, here's the full article link: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/own-th...ascar-institute
  13. Bill, may you live a hundred years, and always be like you are now: as delightful as a full bottle of Pre-Ban!
  14. Greetings and welcome, California! ('tis a large state...)
  15. Please let me add my late "Welcome!" to the chorus!
  16. Oh man, you guys are killing me with the Montana gathering! I certainly can't in the 2nd half of June (I have a little party I throw on campus for 1000 alumni that I'm in charge of each year at that time). July is slightly more possible, but I have also been invited to meet up with an old friend in southern Colorado, and I only have one trip in me this summer... You're killing me, Smalls!
  17. Welcome, indeed! If you liked the herbal taste of Mata Hari, then you are in for a treat as you discover the multitude of directions that absinthe can take your taste buds. Enjoy the discovery!
  18. Ask and ye shall receive (sorry for the poor quality, 'tis a cellphone pic): Just a note, I found that while the side shelves are indeed tall enough for the tallest normal bottles (Pacifique, Marteau, PF1901, for example), I do have a few bottles that are just slightly too tall to fit in the side shelves: Leyenda del Milagro tequila and Luxardo Maraschino come to mind. These do fit nicely into the central well (where the TV would've sat), however. As you can kind of see in the pic, I have most of my display collection sitting in the central well, along with some bartending books alongside, and then below the central well are some dessert wines.
  19. My bride and I managed to find an ikea entertainment center that has shelves that were just right to hold the tallest bottles of booze (I'm looking at you, St. Germain and Bouloud Calvados...). We modified it a bit by leaving out two vertical shelf dividers to attach some wine glass hangers, and in the central hole where the TV would go, we store the presentation bottles. All in all, a great solution for our house, made even better by the fact that we found it on craigslist for $40.