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  1. It seems to be a really true Absinthe comparatively. Great flavor and nose. Perfectly complex with the basic ingredients. Hard to find stateside. I had to cheat and have a couple oz sent from the UK from a friend. I am still wondering where to find it here. I'm digging.
  2. I thought commercial was a interesting term as pre-ban Pernod was "commercial" when it was produced. I assume then that it is "in production now" Absinthe. I have somewhat limited experience so far, but I'll through my 2 cents in so far. Amazingly so I am going with the outlyer in my list for number 1. It is so different and so interesting and so warm and so it created more desire to go back then the rest. I am sure my order will change with time, but these have been the most interesting in that which is produced today so far. The Marteau especially is slowly growing on me. The Delaware's are so crisp and bright. Oh it's such a good time to be alive. :-) 1. Saint George Absinthe Verte (Alameda California USA) 2. Delaware Phoenix "Walton Waters" Absinthe Superieure 3. Delaware Phoenix "Meadow Of Love" Absinthe Superieure 4. Vieux Carré Absinthe Supérieure 5. Tenneyson Absinthe Royale 6. Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superieure 7. Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe Brut d' Alambic 8. Kübler Absinthe (It's just so clean and smooth and classic.. It's a good place to start) 9. Marteau Master's Reserve 10. Marteau Belle Époque
  3. My Dad's 1st car was a: 1965 Impala SS396 Convertible Red/White
  4. Chad <--- I live near Detroit Michigan.
  5. Welcome! My family lived in Searcy Arkansas for a number of years and actually got in trouble a couple of times for having alcohol in the county. My brother also has had some trouble there, but he moved to Sheerwood AR and isn't having trouble anymore. I'll check to see if he's found any good local distributors. I just used Astor Wines in NY that ships to your door.
  6. Pre ban Pernod, the gold standard of Absinthe. I envy you. It is my dream that Pernod will wake up and start actually producing real properly made Absinthe again at anywhere near their old quality levels. If you ever visit the States I invite you for a visit. I am quickly building my own collection as well :-) Cheers Mate!
  7. My giddiness is growing. I am anxious for my bottles to finally arrive. :-) St. George Absinthe Verte 57.99 Delaware Phoenix Meadow of Love Absinthe 74.99 Delaware Phoenix Walton Waters Absinthe 74.99 Vieux Carre Absinthe 56.99 Tenneyson Absinthe Royale 49.99 I assume these prices are decent given the small batch processing of most decent absinthe. The waiting is the worst. :-(
  8. In my hunting for Scotch I found many stores that would order anything I could find in the "tax" book. Michigan is abit weird as we have a bunch of prohibition era laws on the books still because Detroit was a major illegal importer of Canadian Whiskey at the time. I just placed an order at astor wines in NY. They list what states they can ship to. Welcome :-), BTW I ordered a St. George Vert from California as I too was interested in a couple US editions and 2 from Delaware.
  9. A great welcome all :-), I am waiting on my shipment right now. I ordered from Astor Wines in NY.
  10. Welcome from across the pond. It was a surprise to me as well. I've been into Scotch for so many years that I just didn't think I would find a different drink I really enjoyed. I think its my love of black licorice that got me to stumble onto this drink. Someone saw me chewing black jack gum and said hmm I've got a drink for you. They were right! Since then the joy of discovering the nuances of this beverage has been amazing.
  11. It really does doesn't it. What can you expect from Yellow and Blue Dye? Laugh out Loud.
  12. Thanks guys. It really is a marvelous experience. I so wonder what Pernod would of become without the false witch-hunt that banned our marvelous drink. Chad P.
  13. I have recently become infatuated with Absinthe. I was spoiled day one by this quirky sweet bitter complex beverage. I had Meadows on my very 1st day. Since then I have been in a funk unable to locate any local sellers. I ended up with a decent fake. It tastes kinda right and looks kinda right, but you can tell all over that still isn't right. Absinthe Ordinaire by the ever hated Absente LLC. It's the best I could find locally. I never even considered that I might be able to buy it online. I have an extensive Scotch collection and am quite adept at it and never once bought a bottle online. So I'm kinda surprised at how easy it is. I am dabbling through the options atm to see what all to get. Both Delaware's, the St George, Tenneyson and Viex carre sound good? I have my own double fountain and 4 glass's and spoons and sugar and ice bowl. I made a video of just how poor the louche is on this sugar and dye added attempt at cheap Absinthe. http://www.youtube.com/user/Telecasterland I'm in metro Detroit if any of yeall are around these parts we should have a tasting :-) Chad P.