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  1. so would i. it's just an idea that took 5 minutes to google and send an email. surely not every freight forwarding company is a scam. i do want to get a bottle of meadow of love at some point, and when i have the money i'll research more thoroughly. won't be for a while though, sadly
  2. how about a mail forwarding company, such as shipito.com? i couldn't see anything about alcohol in their faq, so i emailed them, and their response was: We will be able to ship alcohol to you using DHL as a shipping method. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact customer support. would have to do the math on how much it would cost once you knew the exact dimensions of the package, but my guestimates indicated for 3 bottles shipping would be around USD 85 plus whatever the shipping within usa will cost (in the case of catskills, USD 17.50). that's still a lot less than what i paid when i ordered from verte d'absinthe. it's obviously not a distribution solution, but for someone in australia or europe who really just wants to try some of the usabsinthes, it seems like a good way to go.
  3. 30ml sample of belle amie 2011 will soon be heading your way. perhaps the 2013 version with your next order?
  4. "i'm curious about this too", he typed languidly, savouring the sip of 2011 belle amie he had just taken.
  5. welcome back! your avatar suggests your favourite dose is meadow of love. or butterfly...
  6. shipping was €160, didn't have to pay customs, luckily, although that's possibly just down to luck. i wouldn't mind placing an order with absinthes.com as i'd like to try the roquette 1797. not sure what else i'd get to get me over the $250 mark for free shipping tho...
  7. just tried the 2008 l'enjoleuse, and my gf and i have both concluded it's our all time favourite. next time 3 bottles of that!
  8. welcome evan! i'm a sydney newb too, and also a big fan of the salon. gavin (gee13) and i were saying it would be great if we great if we could get enough aussies together to have a tasting night where everyone brings a bottle, and we trade doses to all experience some that we haven't previously tried. i've just got my first overseas order (from verte d'absinthe in paris). i originally was just going to get some bottles from there as my friend was visiting paris, but she rocked up on a day they were closed, and was heading to london that night, so i had the order mailed, and it worked out fine. i'll order more from them in the future, but only bottles that the salon doesn't already stock, as i feel it's important to support gaye and joop, since those cool cats are the ones that introduced me (and many other sydneysiders) to great absinthe in the first place. but seb from verte d'absinthe is a champ as well, and i can definitely recommend ordering from him if you're in the market for something unavailable here. cheers!
  9. currently sipping the 2011 belle amie, and it's putting a big smile on my face. i'm inclined to concur i dun good.
  10. tonight it's rubis and the latest few episodes of adventure time. mathematical!
  11. well, my friend turned up to vert d'absinthe on a sunday when they were closed, and left for london that night, so i had to have the order mailed to me. in addition to the berthe de joux, belle amie and rubis, i got 2 samples of the pre ban dechanet, and 2 samples of pernod fils tarragona (1960), plus they threw in free samples of meadow of love, ridge verte, doubs mystique, l'enjoleuse (2008), and authentique. just tried the meadow of love. i could tell it was great, but my taste buds are a little weird today (big night last night), so i probably couldn't fully appreciate it, but i'll be looking to get a bottle if i can find a place that will ship internationally. they don't seem to sell it at vert d'absinthe, so i'm not sure why they have sample bottles, but i'm glad they did! i'm now enjoying a glass of rubis. some weekends are better than others...
  12. definitely! you'll have to be quick though or it'll be all gone and you'll arrive to find us sipping on goon.
  13. thanks folks, i ended up going with: berthe de joux belle amie (2011 vintage) rubis also a 30ml sample of dechanet, circa 1907-1914. €80, but hey, then i can say i've tried pre ban! i would have got la coquette, but i've just found out my local place is going to start importing that. hopefully more from the parisienne series will follow, but for now i'll go with the rubis for something a bit different. now i wonder how long it'll take me to get through those 3 bottles. i'm hoping they last more than 2 weeks. hoping.
  14. yep, without those guys i'd never be on this whole trip! i think i heard them mention franchising once, maybe you could start absinthe salon perth?