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  1. I'm telling ya, that Wild Card sure is a pleasant surprise! It is so delicious, I highly recommend. I'm having a glass right now actually
  2. Wow, I feel dirty after having read that. As if that one small anecdote (lie) has completely ruined what could be (and is) a beautiful experience. I feel like hitting him on the head with that bottle of Strong 68 he was taking shots from. Are we allowed to curse on here? Fucking idiot.
  3. "I'm working on my faults and cracks, filling in the blanks and gaps."

  4. Yes, it's Obesllo II. I'm not a big fan, and if I hold my nose while drinking Lucid (to avoid that funky smell) I like it better than the Obesllo. Now, here's where I wish I were as good at this whole absinthe thing as you guys and gals. Of all that I've tried, my favorite is the Wild Card which is distilled in a little town here in Oregon. I don't think any of you have tried it since there's no review, but I wish like hell that you could. I want to write a review, but after reading the ones written here I realize I'd drop the ball big time. Anyway, Wild Card is amazing, it's my personal favorite (and it's always on the shelf at my local liquor store for 50 bucks). Next in line would pretty much be an even tie between Marteau, Jade, Walton Waters, and Pacifique. Those absinthes are just as divine as the Wild Card, all so damn delicious! The other brands are just alright.
  5. So, after a few months of exploration this is what has managed to find it's way into my home:
  6. Ordered my bottle as soon as I got home from work
  7. Second bottle en route: Pacifique Absinthe

  8. I'm new here too, welcome. My first bottle was Jade PF 1901, based on this site's high applause. I'm down half a bottle already and am leaning toward Ridge Verte and Marteau for my next purchase. Have fun!
  9. Hey North Carolina! I lived in Hickory for 11 years, took many a motorcycle rides over to Asheville via the Blue Ridge Parkway. God, I really miss that. Anyway, welcome to WS. I'm new here too, and like you, I've been sampling what the local liquor stores have to offer (Lucid and Wild Card) and my first bottle of well crafted absinthe was Jade PF 1901. Good times! See ya around.
  10. May I interject and calm the waters for a moment and share my excitement? My very first high quality absinthe just arrived at my doorstep via FedEx. I've opened it and have taken pictures, I'll share them now. This is what I'll be drinking tonight: I'm very, very excited Holy shit, those pics are huge. Sorry about that.
  11. Where will we be able to purchase a bottle (or three)?
  12. A huge thank you to Evan for turning me on to Flying Midget Records website. I ordered the following: Attack the Future by Leeches Of Lore, Cool A.M. Party Sweat by Retard Slave, and A Home For Horseborg by Retard Slave. What great new music! Oh, and I'm still drinking my Wild Card Absinthe... patiently waiting for my Jade to arrive.
  13. Wow, this website truly does have all the answers. Thanks
  14. That is a remarkable blog and I'm not too proud to say that the Crash Course section for newbies was greatly appreciated and read extensively by yours truly. Now, if I could just get you to weigh in on something that's been on my mind: how do you pronounce "anise"? To steer clear of sounding like I'm talking about someone's asshole, I pronounce it "aneese". What say you?