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  1. Went there last night and had the Clandestine. Nice. The ambiance is more neighborhood coffee/pastry shop than bar. The guy behind the counter seemed genuinely happy that I ordered an absinthe instead of a latte.
  2. This is the cocktail from my 1949 "Esquire Handbook for Hosts" which piqued my interest in absinthe. It is quite good! Martin
  3. Thank you all for your warm welcome and kind comments! I plan to paint an absinthe-themed still-life soon, so I'll keep you posted. Martin
  4. Greetings, all! I've been interested in absinthe for some time but have a lot to learn from this site. I've already learned that several bottles that I have been given are Czech, so I have nowhere to go but up at this point. I've asked Santa's green elf to bring me a fountain and perhaps a bottle of Vieux Carre, so we'll see. In the meantime, here's a still life white charcoal drawing I did awhile ago of my glass and spoon. Martin