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  1. Big apologies Suzanna. When I left Dark Corner, they discontinued the Green Villain. There was a very limited amount of distribution, and I doubt there would be much left in circulation. Not sure why they haven't updated the website. -John
  2. Thanks Grim! I head out on the 18th. Starting on the 25th. I've definitely caught the absinthe bug, so keep an eye out! Let's snag a beer at the ACDA in Denver, Grim.
  3. The GV is under limited distribution at the moment. Most of the distributed stock goes to DC. Each batch is a limited run of about 120 bottles-- most of it sells in store each month. I'll be in Columbia next Wednesday for a whiskey event at the new Bourbon restaurant. I could probably bring a bottle with me if you are in the area.
  4. Sweet. I'll dig through those links. Been particularly curious to compare the growth of US absinthe producers vs EU.
  5. I was wondering if there was a master list outlining the absinthes produced by country.
  6. Grats!! Gotta get that creme de violette out to SC. It's pretty killer.
  7. It hadn't ever occurred to me to document batch and bottle number on the absinthe, but that's a good idea. We will be retooling the label in the next month or so, and I'll add that as a talking point when I meet with the owner. I'll give you a heads up when batch 7 is ready-- there's a few things I'm still tweaking.
  8. You missed out, Trinity! Thursday was a great deal of fun, even though I arrived a little late. Tirador is a great host who not only produces some very interesting spirits (his creme de violet was my personal favorite) but he also has a very open door. This is something that I feel is often lacking in the micro distilling industry in the SE. The time I spent with Tirador and Grim was inspiring! While I agree that some competitions seem to suspiciously favor their sponsors, I don't think this is indicative of a rigged system universally. It's true that there's not a lot of people who have enough exposure to some spirits to qualify as an expert judge in certain categories, but that shouldn't be an immediate discount of their service to the industry. The micro-spirits industry is still very young, and rapidly growing. This growth builds demand for more comprehensive training in senory analysis specific to spirits. Sommeliers have long been established and once had to master the three major categories: wine, beer, and spirits. With the explosive growth of the micro-brewing industry, cicerones emerged with rigorous creditials backing their knowledge. It won't be long until we have a broader base of educated and experienced judges which we can look to for more objective criticism. That said, I'm very interested to see what happens when the ADI expands its panels to include Absinthe and how it breaks down her various styles into categories.
  9. I'm a little confused by the barrel designation: virgin bourbon barrel. Does this mean that the barrel was meant to be used for bourbon but instead was used for the absinthe? Or does this mean that the barrel was seasoned with bourbon but has not held any other spirit? If such is the case, then isn't it improper to refer to it as "virgin" unless, somehow, the barrel can regain its virginity?
  10. Please say it's the Owl. If it's not the Owl, then you must venture down to check it out. I believe it's the best spot in Gvegas. Let me know when you are coming down-- we'll set you up with a tasting and tour at the distillery.
  11. I'm excited to grab a bottle of your products in SC. Congrats! (Also just saw you were in American Still Life's collection. Grats on that too)
  12. Congrats! Keep us posted as the project develops! Will you be attending adi this April?
  13. Welcome! If you feel the itch to drive south to Greenville, come down to pay the dark corner distillery a visit. I'm up in Asheville a great deal-- it's an awesome town!
  14. Sup Murdock! I recently left ak. Wrapped up my Bfa at UAA last August. Whereabouts in the great land are you?
  15. Yeah, those photos are pretty pornographic. I had to quickly turn off the monitor when they popped up. Couldn't you have put a censored bar on there or something? Dear god, man, think of the children!
  16. There's always been a distinction between domestic and craft in the beer industry. Maybe their comment was an intent to instill that division in the spirits industry.