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  1. Thanks everyone! up until now I've been using a shot glass and painstakingly holding it over the glass while the water drips out. You can imagine how one might become impatient. Some of your improvised drippers are really brilliant! I just ordered an inexpensive brollieur from loveoffrance.com, I hope that it does the trick! I improved an absinthe spoon out of steel pie server. It works well. Thanks for all your answers!
  2. Hello, everyone. I've just joined the forum, been reading up on absinthe for a few weeks now after seeing a documentary on netflix and thought I'd see what all the buzz is about. So far I've has some Edward III, which I didn't really care for, and some Lucid which, in spite of the reputation it has, I actually really enjoyed. If Lucid is considered among the less popular absinthes, I think I'll really enjoy the better varieties.
  3. Hello, everyone. I am a newcomer to absinthe and I'm still getting the hang of serving it. I find that I don't always have the patience to slowly drip the water in... more than one measure of water has been hastily dumped in. On that note, I've noticed that when I take the time to let the water slowly drip in I get a much more complex flavor than when the water goes in quickly; is it just my imagination or is there some science behind this? I made a hasty glass the other day and all I got was good 'n plenty, but no herbal or floral flavors at all. The other night when I enjoyed a few glasses after slowly adding the water I felt like I tasted a much more complex flavor. It was like two different drinks. Am I out of my mind or is the way the water is added really that important? How fast/slow should the drip be? Is there a standard like 1 oz. per 60 sec. or something like that?