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  1. yeah read that. didn't really feel like it answered my question but sorry to have bothered everyone.
  2. a couple of quick questions about shipping from overseas. I have a package from absinthe's.com that has been in customs since the 28th. I have been through this before so I am sure everything is fine it's just frustrating to see it sit there for days. I have always been a little confused though about shipping times, absinthe's.com says 6-8 days to US am I correct in assuming that that means to the USA and not necessarily to my door? I made my order on the 25th and it was shipped on the 27th so I also assume that the 6-8 days didn't start until it was shipped. finally what if by some chance that a package does get confiscated would someone notify me or would I have to contact the retailer at some point. I did do a search on this subject as I am sure it's been asked before. got a lot of hits but saw nothing that answered my questions
  3. wow! I already bought a couple of glasses and spoons from ebay and plan to get a fountain, now I'm learning about these glasses that glow! oh boy I have had these hobbies/obsessions before. I can see that my wife will eventually have to talk me down once again.
  4. my first experience was so wonderful that I just wanted to share it and maybe demostrate to my fellow noobs how our experience can be different each time we drink it. I chose edward III from DUNY I may have missed the boat by not getting bigger bottle of higher quality absinthe but I didn't want to spend 50-60 bucks not knowing if I would like it not. as it turned out I am very happy with my choice. I chose DUNY because my wife and I had rented a cabin in Gatlinburg tn and I wanted to be sure of getting it in time as I thought that would be a perfect time and place to try it for the first time. this cabin had a deck elevated bout 40 -50 feet off the ground with a hot tub and a spectacular birdseye view of MT Laconte.we were far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown gatlinburg and while there were a few other cabins around us we saw or heard no one the entire weekend, it was very quiet and serene. there was a little blue bird ( don't know what kind but not a bluebird) that was perched in a tree directly across from the deck, it would be out there every morning and afternoon singing us a song. on the second day we sat in the hot tub and drank almost the whole bottle of absinthe, it was only 375 ml so not that much between two people, while listening to our little friend and looking out over the mountains I have never felt so relaxed and content in my life! but with that atmosphere how could I not be! so while the edward III may not have been the best choice I have a very fond memory.
  5. thanks everyone for the warm welcome and yeah I probably hit cancel or something instead of submit or post. and I hadn't even drank any absinthe......yet.
  6. My name is Brian, 51 years old and live in ohio. I have had 5 different absinthe's thus far with 3 more bottles on the way from absinthes.com. I am still very much a novice and still forming my opinions but after these last three bottles I will settle on a favorite but will continue to try others here and there. loooking forward to being able to benefit from others experience's here and hopefully others will be able to benefit from mine as time goes on.