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  1. OK ..Jade Edouard still my fav...but I have to say the Lucid ain't that bad but still much prefer any of the Jades.
  2. I have 200+ very lonely bottles of wine who are probably wondering why I haven't visited them lately like I used to every day !!!!
  3. Your spelling makes me think as I drunk you are....
  4. What? I say open em up and give them a try. Who knows? The world may not be here tomorrow. I hardly ever have two glasses of the same absinthe in one evening. But whatever you do, enjoy it. I took your advice tonight...onto #3 diff absinsthe. It's great trying them all sid-by-side. So far the Jade D is my fav. Paul
  5. Hey Brian...welcome..I just joined a couple of weeks ago. I think you will like this site...lot's of info...great people / knowledge. Paul
  6. I couldn't wait so I bought Lucid....but.....I just cracked a bottle of Jade NO! The other 3 Jades I have are going to have to wait to be tasted. I used the mixing chart but find it a bit to "watery" for my liking...no sugar in it either. Granted...I really know NOTHING at this point but I am sure I will learn.
  7. Welcome ... you will enjoy this site ... lot's of great info !!!
  8. I have made up my mind Jade PF 1901...from absintheonline
  9. Thanks everyone...I have been reading and talking to people to increae my education. I still haven't decided what to buy first but can't wait to try it. I will probably order something this week.
  10. I am interseted in GTA (Toronto, Ontario) get-togethers to learn more..anything coming up soon? Paul
  11. Thanks TheLoucheyMonster. I will say am very interested in the Thojone efffect...dpes this change you opinion?... any suggestions? Paul
  12. Thank-you everyone for the warm welcome! Thanks Scott M. for the info on ABV...I am still very much in the learning phase. As for the King of Spirits Gold, I see it is high in Thujone and quite expensive. I have seen posts that Thujone content above a certain amount does not matter but am skeptical. Does anyone have any input on this? Are there any Canadians (preferably from Ontario) who have imported this? Can I expect it to arrive? What duty will I pay? Thanks again everyone..I look forward to embarking on this new journey. Paul (my real name)
  13. Hi Everyone. First of all let me congratulate all of you for being part of what shouldn't an elite movement. I have been doing lots of reading and am intrigued by the history behind absinthe. When I consume alcoholic beverages (pretty much everyday to some extent) it is, 99% of the time, wine. However, I believe I am missing out on something special by not being part of the absinthe revolution. I (mistakenly) recently purchased Versinthe absinthe from LCBO (I am from Ontario, Canada) and was not pleased ...even though this is the first absinthe product I have ever tasted. In fact, I don't actually beleive it should be called absinthe now that I have looked into it as it is premixed with sugar and 45% alcohol. I will be reviewing board to find the best way for me to get REAL absinthe and if it means I need to spend good $ to get ... I will. I have already seen lot's of info around the best ones to buy...just need to figure out how to best get them.