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  1. I seem to feel more mentally alert when drinking absinthe than when I do after drinking other liquors.
  2. I did get that bottle DUNY was closed so another Brooklyn carrier. Has some similarities with the original but I think I like the II better. Nicer aroma and a wee bit sweeter on the tongue with one sugar cube and a ratio of one shot to three shots of aqua. I will buy this again.
  3. Heading to DUNY to buy a bottle this afternoon.Looking forward to trying the new formula
  4. WOW add it to ice cream I will try that now. Tacos? cucumbers ??/ wet tacos ???? I am drinking some right now and I won't stop until I taste all of those things plus caviar In my VC....or until the bottle is empty....only joking :arrr:
  5. I found a place here in brooklyn that has vieux carre for 52 dollars so for now I stick with that for my nightcap. Someone above mentioned obsello another favorite of mine. Never had lucid....sounds like I'm lucky.
  6. VC is one of the few I will occasionally sip undiluted out of a shot glass. It has a sweet finish to it which makes me able to enjoy it undiluted in small doses of course.
  7. Shavsinthe ,I like it. Going to break out my 40's superspeed and badger brush and a glass or two of Vieux Carre and hope for the best!!!
  8. brucea


    Thank you. I have been checking out their website for a while but they open at 4pm which was a problem until this Sunday I finally was able to get there. Nice selection and helpful staff.They seemed to know what they are talking about from first hand experience.I have not met Kamal yet but I hear Absinthe is a passion of his.
  9. brucea


    Thanks Miguel. Someplace I am going to have to check out. Just visited drink up new york here in bk this weekend. They have a large selection of Absinthe to pick from. Absinthe is getting a nice following here and is getting very easy to find.
  10. brucea


    Thanks to all of you. I am relatively new to Absinthe but in a short time I have had the opportunity to taste much of what is out there. Just picked up a bottle of Vieux Carre which I am finding to be very nice. Hope to increase my knowledge here.
  11. brucea


    Hope I am in the right place. Signing in from Brooklyn NY. Hello to all here.
  12. I will try to. I did before but couldn't figure out how to post there.
  13. Have to agree not terrible but not a favorite.The price is good but I would rather be drinking Obsello for around the same price.