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  1. European protection label, right? No effect here in the states but otherwise...WOW.
  2. I just asked them via facebook...we'll see what their response is. Perhaps these are not the final menus. But really...Pacifique a "Moderne" while Grande Absinthe gets the title of "Classique". It's really a punch in the gut.
  3. The Savoy is opening tonight. Here's the drink menu. I've never seen this great of a selection in North America. I can't wait to visit. Leopold and Meadow of Love! Note: La Clandestine is labled (b)FR, I presume which is suppose to stand for blanche/bleue and from France.
  4. Did your cork fall in? Same thing happened to me with my first bottle of MoL but eventually the cork went for a swim.
  5. I submitted a review for BC just now. It's my first. I'll try my best to not make it my last but most of the other liquor on my shelf has already been well reviewed.
  6. Alan, Any plans on getting La Clandestine to Chicago, perhaps Binny's. Maybe I should have asked in the Chicago thread but I thought I could catch you here.
  7. I guess the cat's out of the bag. * I know chambers has been mentioned long ago but still couldn't help it.
  8. I think I understood it as that but maybe I regret the comment now. I sort of took you out of context but my reply was meant to be taken lightly. Perhaps it was too frivolous.
  9. It all depends on what attribute you're describing as light. Louche/mouth-feel, I feel BC is very heavy just like all of DP's offerings but I do agree the Aa is lighter or just a little more balanced, in between WW and MoL. Absomphe, if I pay a fee will those censor bars go away. Damn, frustrating! Yeah, that's not a sensible thing to do.....on the BC thread.
  10. As long as Julie and Claude are not asking that question I think we'll all be fine. I'm definitely going to try "aux oeufs" during the holidays this year.
  11. Thanks Alan. Claude seems like quite a character, love to see/hear more from him.
  12. Mystery absinthe tonight. Friend sent me a sample of something from the shadows of his bar. It was pretty bad. Now for a glass of the good stuff, WW.
  13. abaxial, Trust me, other's are happy you're stepping out and asking for us. These threads have been great for understanding the nuances in each brand and variances within the same brand. I don't think I can accurately comment on spectra, I'm partially color blind with a red/green deficiency, but I can see the difference between natural and artificial coloring and I feel that's all that matters. How could a darker or lighter shade like BC bother me? On the other hand I can understand why a commercial distiller would want to produce a persistent peridot as it might sell better off the shelf. However much importance you put on color is up to you but aroma and taste are the most subjective and in addition are at the mercy of the drink preparer. The amount, speed and temperature of water you use to dilute can greatly effect aroma, taste and mouth feel, etc. I' m happy when reviewers include their dilution ratios. I think it's paramount for any newbie to experiment with ratios and create a consistent method of preparation. I also notice that I get better tastings and aromatic results when I use water that's slightly less than ice cold. If I could add a suggestion to the review system in general it would be to distinguish offerings by their recipe. There's a distinct difference between a Pontarlier and a Montpellier, enough of one that expectations should change for louche and taste characteristics. Wines are clearly distinguished in this way, not simply reds and whites. Has this ever been suggested. Hell, maybe one day the commercial market will start to label absinthe in a manner similar to wines. I'd like to know what some of the veterans and distillers feelings are on this.