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  1. Thanks for all the tips! And welcomes! Some nice folks here. I will test out all your tips, let you know how it goes. Drew
  2. EDIT: I just read that most Blanche's you don't add sugar at all. Interesting!
  3. La Blanche, I assume there are different variations of this Absinthe. Maybe I am wrong though, with no sugar I felt like there was something missing to be honest. The overwhelming black licorice taste is very drinkable, just a tab bit on the sweeter side for my liking. Maybe I should add more water, though watering it down tends to ruin its overall flavor.
  4. Thanks everyone! Quick Question: Anyway to make Absinthe less sweet? I usually use one sugar cube. Last night on my second glass, I decided to use none. It was still very sweet tasting in my opinion. Am I just tasting too much of the licorice/alcohol? If I add two sugar cubes will this actually make it less sweet. I don't want to over sweeten it. :o
  5. I signed up here a bit ago. Somebody said to introduce myself so I finally decided to. I'm a writer from Las Vegas. Last couple of nights I've been sipping away on Absinthe. Before this week, I was waking up and drinking Gin in the mornings. I have lots of writing to finish in the following months. So, about two nights ago I was bored. I've been extremely moody and stunned with boredom (self diagnosed myself with Borderline Personality Disorder!) This explains it. So I cracked open my bottle of Absinthe. Opened my $12 Absinthe spoon that I had ordered and began to pour myself a glass. I have to say I am now addicted. The cloudiness, the scent of black licorice and the cool sensation and numbness that grows with every sip. *Takes another sip before continuing* I might have found my new passion, and only way to get through life now. If I don't have a glass each night, something is not right. I originally tried Absinthe before, I believe it was late last year with my current girlfriend. We prepared two glasses using forks, we had a bottle of Mansinthe. If I recall correctly, we had smoked Saliva earlier. We were bored, sniffing pills wasn't thrilling enough. My experience was that I had made it too strong, and I didn't finish my glass. The scent of licorice lingered in the air a long while afterwards. Since trying it alone, with a better perpetration and understanding, I wanted to climb right into the glass and take a swim. That is the only way to describe the beauty of it. Thanks for reading! I look forward to getting to know some of you. I'm Drew, by the way.
  6. I don't think anyone mentioned Hemingway's Garden of Eden. They drink Absinthe in the film, it's also mentioned in the book as well.
  7. Snuff is great. I really enjoy Bordeaux from Fribourg & Treyer. It has a flowery/perfume scent to it that is very enjoyable. Takes you back to the old days, great while enjoying a glass of Absinthe of course. You have to remember to simply sniff the snuff and not snort it or you will get it in the back of your throat. If you've never tried it, I'd highly recommend picking up a tin. They're not only affordable but tend to last you quite a long time. -drewwwy!