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  1. Ike gave me such bad heartburn each and every time I drank it that I will never buy it again. It's the only absinthe thus far that has shot flames up my throat.... I'd LOVE to get him some Cap, but I dunno if I can get the girlfriend onboard.
  2. At this time of year, LdF has taken three weeks! I state this from experience in 2006.
  3. Hey all, My girlfriend and I are determined to get a bottle of absinthe as a Christmas gift for her father. I'm torn over what to get. He's never had absinthe, but does drink Arak. I was going to go with LdF and a european absinthe 'box' (Fougerolles or Un Emile) gift set, but I've seen in the vendors site that you can get Lucid shipped free. Is Lucid good enough? The cost of the European absinthes doesn't throw me off as much as the shipping or time it takes to get here this time of year. My personal faves are Capricieuse, Duplais, and Eduard. I've never had Lucid. I think the bottle is tacky as hell, though. I had the Kübler 53 at 'Absinthe' in San Francisco and was unimpressed....that's the other Absinthe available from the US vendor...
  4. Actually, it has. Bangle has been loudly criticized for adding his lines and touches to the Z4 line, among others. BMW owners are a staid group, typically.
  5. And now the second bottle of Duplais has arrived! So far, I've 'suffered' a broken aftermarket cork and an immediately broken 'wine-stopper'. The new bottle is beautiful, excepting of course the actual art on the label...
  6. Modest Mouse 'Steam Ingenius'. "Both halves are the better half, like a joke trying to make another joke laugh - ha! ha!, Stasis is whatcha got, like a rickshaw gettin' pulled 'round by another rickshaw, In the past talkin' present tense, gonna break it, gonna wreck it, gonna try to make it all make sense, Stasis is watcha got, like a rickshaw gettin' pulled around by another rickshaw"
  7. Are you kidding? Risks must be taken, and it yielded a funny story.
  8. More! More! (From a frustrated painter coming out of hibernation).... Oils? Acrylics?
  9. If I'd have tried the Montmartre first, I dunno if I'd come at it again. Ed was my first bottle (I guess if I bought a highly regarded, expensive absinthe first, I'd be able to know if I hated it without thinking I just got a crappy brand). The cinnamon really threw me for a loop at first, but I drank it during winter and it had a nice 'warming' feel to it....maybe a 'Holiday Absinthe'? I'd start most beginners out on a Capricieuse or Clandestine if it's similar - but that's only recommending from my limited experience. I'm going to introduce my next-door neighbor to the Duplais tonight. I'm DEFINITELY taking the bottle back. I'm so white-trash that way.
  10. The bottle was leaking through the cork. The vendor is shipping a new bottle. The first bottle isn't ruined, it was more 'seeping' than 'leaking copiously', mind you. I didn't think to take pics after they offered to replace (which was VERY quick indeed).
  11. Had a little bit of drama with the Duplais, actually. It was actually sort of a surprise, entailing many trips to the post office and a very anise-y smelling package..
  12. Oh yeah, I'm also drinking freshly extracted carrot-spinach-tomato-cucumber juice. I usually drink at least one a day.
  13. Of the Vertes I've tried (Montmartre, Eduard, Ike, Un Emile), it's most similar to the Eduard. It's nothing like the others. I guess I didn't realize what I said was so noobish.
  14. Tonight I'm drinking the Duplais that finally came in - after THREE trips to the Post Office, of all places. It's very similar to the Eduard.