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  1. oh, this sounds interesting, one PM coming up!
  2. I will try not to! I do not doubt this, I just want to be able to place both the brands and the different aromas and flavors into a context I feel confident talking about. Maybe I just have a different perspective on reviews because I mostly read and study reviews of literature, and maybe this perspective is not applicable on reviews of drinks and foods etc, but when you review books knowledge is really important. For example: when you compare a work of one author to that of another you place that author into a literary tradition and shape the view of that author in the eyes of the contemporary and future literary world. Even though your influence may be small it is still there. Reviews are very important, especially when written by someone who is considered an authority on literature. Now, absinthe is still a spirit shrouded in mystery to most people. There are not that many brands of absinthe as compared to other spirits. There are not that many bottles of absinthe in the world either. Not many people really know what it is. There are very few authorities on absinthe. I'm not sure if I am right, but The Wormwood Society and La Fee Verte seem to be the two largest "publications" on absinthe there is. What this means is that each review of a brand of absinthe will be much more important than a review normally would be in a more popular field. So you do want to know what you talk about when you contribute, however small your influence might be. Ah, I think I've read about star anise having that effect on louching somewhere. I am not able to discern between different flavors yet, though. Thanks for clearing these things up!
  3. I know reviews are mostly subjective, but they should, in my opinion, contain at least a modicum of objectivity, and I do not feel like I'm "there" yet. Consider this: I have tasted such a small amount of absinthe brands, that Pere Kerman would have to qualify into my top five list. Not because I consider it good, it's disgusting, but because I have tasted five brands in total, one of which I do not remember the name of, it was black and served as a shot in some weird bar in Cyprus. As of today, I would probably rate Valkyria and Blanchette somewhere about 7 or 8 out of 10, and Nouvelle Orleans about a 9 out of 10, but I am much too lacking in knowledge to write any "official" reviews just yet. I have bought a couple more bottles of Valkyria. I like it and it is cheaper than Nouvelle Orleans. One complaint would be that the louche isn't that impressive, it's not that much of a problem to me but when I introduced a couple of friends to absinthe they didn't "get it" as far as the louche goes. In hindsight, it would have been better to let them try an absinthe with a nice, slow louche. First impressions are everything after all. They liked the taste of it, though. One of them did however confess that the absinthe seemed to have an upsetting effect on his stomach. I have too felt that absinthe can feel different compared to other spirits while being digested, but I haven't found that feeling unpleasant. I've also noted that absinthe in general seem to taste better as you get closer to the bottom of the bottle. Note that I'm not talking about binge drinking or something like that, but if I drink one glass each day they will progressively taste better. This does not seem to have anything to do with the time the bottle has been opened either; once me and a couple of friends went through most of a bottle in much too short a span of time and left just enough for one glass. When I had that glass, I thought the taste hade improved. Am I just imagining this or are there any reasons I experience the improvement?
  4. I'm still such an, as the Americans might call it, greenhorn when it comes to absinthe, so I do not feel comfortable enough to write reviews just yet, but I would probably rate this as high as Blanchette in terms of "me-likey-ness". Which basically means that I like it, I enjoy drinking it but I do not love it like I love Nouvelle-Orleans. Maybe it's sort of a bad thing to start off with an absinthe that fits your taste just right, because most other brands you try might disappoint at the first sip, but I guess I should consider myself lucky that I've found out about NO. Anyhow, I enjoy Valkyria; I'm sipping on a glass right now and I will most definitely buy it again.
  5. What a great site! I found myself spending way too much time at work yesterday, reading the articles. Also, the design looks great without getting impractical, which sadly enough seems to be a bit rare now that so many sites want to incorporate Facebook-ish elements.
  6. Yeah, I've got an Facebook account. Restriction sounds like the most plausible (and only) explanation yet. I've been thinking it might be age restriction. I am 21 though, and can access many other producers' pages, but the first time I tried, and failed, to access their page I was 20. When I try the link without being logged in it just leads me to the start page. This happens on computers in two different households as well as on my phone, so I'm guessing they've got some sort of age restriction. I've sent a messages to Göran asking him about it. It's really nice to see that they're doing so well! What they had planned to sell in three months, they sold in a week. Though I suspect some of the attention they are gaining is probably due to the fact that Valkyria is now the product with the highest alcohol content in store in Sweden...
  7. I've completely forgotten about this thread, I'm sorry. Thanks guys!
  8. Hm. I don't think I've experienced anything like this before. The link still redirects me to the home page. Anyhow, I just placed my order! I'll let you guys know what I think, though I haven't tasted enough absinthe to be a fair judge.
  9. I'm having the weirdest issue; I can not access Sankta Annas Bränneris Facebook page. When I click the links provided, here or elsewhere, it just leads me to the start page. When I try to search for it I get no hits. What's going on?
  10. Yeah I know, I don't really expect to have the bottle by the 24th. I'm usually able to pick up my orders about 4-5 working days after placing them, and considering it's christmas and all it will most certainly not arrive that fast. I was referring to the act of ordering the absinthe, in all the wrong words
  11. Great news! Then I'll make sure to lay my hands on a bottle as soon as possible, as an early christmas gift to myself
  12. I'm fresh out of the sauna and shower, and have just finished louching a glass of Blanchette. Beautiful. I feel so relaxed and content right now.
  13. I've got a reading of this short story as an MP3-file, though I can not remember where I acquired it. The reader is pretty good, though, and I would recommend it if I knew the his name. The first time I listened to it it didn't have much effect on me. The second time, just last week, I was listening to it while falling asleep, and listening to the description of The Stranger while in a state of hypnagogia scared the shit out of me.
  14. Nemo


    I've never tried snuff, though my friend from the northern parts of Sweden told me his friends used to play a "game" at the pub which they called "tour through Sweden", or something along those lines, where they'd basically pour a pile of it on the table and try to shape it to look like Sweden and sniff it all up at once. In Sweden we call it "luktsnus". "Lukt" means scent/smell and can also be used as a verb. Snus is used everywhere in Sweden, but HUGE in my home town, Gotheburg. I've read that this is where the largest quantities of snus is consumed in the world. Snus has been declared illegal to sell in the European Union, even though it's supposed to be less hazardous than cigarettes (does this ring a bell? ). Sweden and Norway are exempt from this rule. I've heard that export of snus is illegal as well, but I don't know the exact circumstances as we are exporting to countries outside Europe. I think America is our main export. A brit called Big Steve has a youtube show where he picked a country at random to visit for a couple of months, and he happened to end up in Sweden. It's a really enjoyable show and I recommend it if you want to find out about Sweden from the eyes of a visitor. In this episode, Big Steve tries lössnus, which is a version of snus that does not come packed in those neat little bags which makes the snus hard to deal with, the initial taste stronger and the snus itself pretty runny:
  15. That sounds delicious, will definitely try it. I've been meaning to ask about absinthes to use in cocktails (I guess you wouldn't want to use the most expensive kinds for that purpose, and perhaps there's a good, not too expensive, absinthe that's all-around enough to fit most absinthe-related cocktails?), but I'm still scouring through the articles on the basics of absinthe. The site is really informative! "I wanted to try a Blanchette" This is, of course, supposed to say "blanche", I guess my mind was racing ahead of me.