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  1. It was bound to happen sooner or later... Thanks again Michele for tipping me off to this one !! Taking the advice of a very wise man with great taste (hi Carsten!), I bought a cheap UV light also.. Also acquired a few more pieces as well. A very pale green torsade: A large topette in blue glass: A 72% Junod tole.. I've been wanting that one for a while now: And a VERY special one.. the cuillere 6 (Edelweiss)!!!
  2. Thanks a lot everyone!! I really appreciate the kind words. I'm really proud to call this stuff my own. Special thanks to Marc and Michele again! Without their help, there would be a hell of a lot less to look at Next up, at the top of my list is an ouraline torsade. I've been on the hunt for about two years now. I hope it will eventually find me! I would appreciate any leads on one!!!
  3. Okay, as promised, I have some new photos. The quality is shitty at best. I am no photographer! This will have to be in a couple parts.
  4. All in due time! I have a couple more pieces crossing the ocean right now. As soon as they are here, I'll take some fresh ones. My cabinet is a mess right now. I can't wait to straighten it up!
  5. They are candies actually A friend gave me a few packs of them several years ago. I need to take some new photos one day. I've had some major additions just recently I now own a few of my holy grails. It is a great feeling.
  6. This is tough. 1 Vieux Pontarlier 2 Butterfly 3 Perroquet 4 Walton Waters 5 Jade PF1901 6 Clandestine 7 Roquette (2011 batch) 8 La Berthe De Joux 9 Authentique 10 Pacifique Honorable mention has to go to Vieux Carre. Taking into account that I can buy it at the local store, it is pretty cheap, and it is a fairly large contrast to most others I have, makes it a solid choice for me. Also, I guess by now it is apparent that I quite like the Emile Pernot products . I still have a lot that I want to try, right now centering mainly on Jade NO, Meadow of Love, and Blues Cat.
  7. Thanks everybody! I feel like I am making progress. I just have this vision in my head and I am sure you know how that goes.. almost a compulsion to keep driving forward. My only limitation however are the financials . Scott, I hear you on the kids, etc! I have to children, a daughter that is a hair over 2.5 and my son just turned 1. Also two dogs and a cat. What you can't see in the photos is that the case has a pair of the door on the front, which stay closed. They are paper thin leaded glass from about 1890-1900 though.. so I still sweat bullets. I just can't bring myself to move everything somewhere safer. Right now it sits in the middle of our dining room. I have some pieces that I use more than others, but I have made a point to use every single piece in there too.
  8. It has been a while since I posted my collection here. I have had a few new pieces come in since then: Cusenier balancier, Les Tour Eiffel 1 & 3, Dutruc pyrogene, Pernod SA Tarragona set, Junod loupe carafe, and a few other odds and ends. Next up, I HAVE to find an ouraline torsade and a nice 4 or 5 star spoon or two. Sorry for the quality of photos.. I am no photographer and can't seem to get any to look halfway decent. I feel like I am finally getting to where I eventually wanted the collection to go. I am still a long ways off though.
  9. That is some really bad news, Marc I hope it eventually works itself out for you. It hurts the most when it is from someone you thought you could trust.
  10. You and Michele have MANY, GREAT pieces. As always, I am very envious of them!
  11. So hard work DOES pay off... Ha!